Covid-19 has significantly shifted the landscape that we work in. More companies are accepting work-from-home arrangements, jobs traditionally required to be in person switched to remote thanks to the convenience of communication technology. 

With a remote work-from-home job, you gain a flexible schedule, a greater work-life balance, and the potential to earn a high compensation. Knowing what’s available out there as a work-from-home job or online side hustle business can increase your chance of going remote full time or building a business to supplement your existing income. In this article, we provide you with 50 work-from-home jobs, their national average salaries, and primary responsibilities. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Writer

Writing on the web could take the form of business writing, blog writing, UX writing, bio writing, or commentary/reviews. Quality content writers are in high demand in almost every industry. Pick a niche among various topics ranging from finance, travel, food, to self-development and motorbikes, photography, etc. Do it as a side job while also having a full-time job. There are plenty of resources to help you, including websites such as Remote Work Rebels to find out more about freelance writing.

All you need is the internet, your computer, solid writing skills, and a bit of marketing knowledge to start building your customer base.

The average content writer salary in Canada is C$64,079 per year or C$32.86 per hour. The more experienced you are, the more you earn and the pay could go up to beyond C$100,000 per year.

How to get started as a content writer?

Fiverr is the largest international freelancing website where you can sign up quickly, set up your gigs that come in different packages and pricing. Also check out Medium, Freelancer , Upwork.

2. Instagram influencer

Don’t mistake an Instagram influencer as only someone who is celebrity-level famous. If you can create consistent and high-quality content in your niche, you can get access to a huge number of existing users who subscribe to your brand. Anyone can be an Instagram influencer if they target the right audience; from stay-at-home moms giving tips on how to raise children to a fashionista to lifestyle and motivational podcasting. Instagram is like content writing geared towards visual imagery.

Once you gain a certain amount of followers, usually from 5,000-10,000 followers and around 100 likes per post, companies will hire you to promote their products. You can also sell your own products or services there. The sky is limitless when it comes to Instagram. Influencers with 50,000 to 80,000 followers get around C $200.00 per post, but the price fluctuates based on the advertiser. 

How to find opportunities as Instagram Influencer?  

The Sway Dashboard and Shane Baker on how to earn money as an Instagram influencer. Or take this cool Udemy course on how to Become an Instagram Influencer Quickly

3. Proofreader

Proofreading is the key to error-free and credible writing. Since content writing is in high demand, a piece of writing can’t go public without thorough proofreading and editing. As a proofreader, you will check the content for spelling mistakes, grammar glitches, loose sentence structures and correct them. Proofreaders are hired by different publications such as blogs, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, or digital marketers.

If you are an avid reader, have a stellar attention to detail, are great at grammar, then this work from home job is for you! You can also become a proofreader to learn writing from content writers and later on launch a career in content writing!

The median annual proofreader salary in Canada is C$57,695, with a range usually between C$50,788-C$65,785.

Take a look at these courses: 

Proofreading for Designers and Creatives 

Get started on proofreading jobs on:

Fiverr freelancing  and many More Proofreading Jobs

4. Video editor

Video editors are to video makers like proofreaders are to content writers. With various types of video content ranging from short films to animation to advertising videos to lifestyles and blockbuster movies. Mainly working with editing software, many only require a robust computer to do the work. One can work from home for a company or edit their own production. Great video content is king and not going out of style anytime soon.

The average video editor salary in Canada is C$62,427 per year or C$32.02 per hour. Most experienced workers make up to C$88,398 per year.

Find work from home jobs for online video editing on these top remote freelancing websites

Tongal, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Upwork ,FlexJobs 

If you are new to video editing, consider checking out this popular course Learn the basics of video editing.

5. Website Flipper

If you’ve heard of house flipping, then website flipping is a similar concept, except you are dealing with a digital product. How it works: you buy existing websites with a good amount of traffic, improve them and sell them back for a profit. For this you need to equip yourself with branding, SEO optimization, content knowledge, and other technical aspects. 

The key here is to think like a digital investor; identify a website that has potential growth and an undervalued price. The process can be lengthy and tedious depending on the website you bought. Start small and go up little by little through experience and you will get the hang of it.

The pay range can go from C$0-Thousands per website.

Find out how Jenni earned $12,000 flipping just ONE website. More on web flipping at

6. Virtual Tutor

This is another great way to earn side income remotely regardless of your educational level. All you need is access to a computer connected to the Internet and an enthusiastic attitude to help others learn. You can work from home, at a cafe or in your living room.

Before you sign up as a tutor, make sure you are well versed at a subject to help your students understand their subject thoroughly and crack any tough questions they may bring up. Ideally, you want to have some previous tutoring experience and acquire a passing grade for the test of that subject. Some of the high-demand subjects to tutor are Math, English, and Science. The average virtual tutor salary in Canada is C$64,100 per year or C$32.88 per hour. 

Check out to find online, work from home tutoring jobs.

7. Personal Trainer

Personal training is becoming more digitized than ever. With Covid-19 we’ve seen more trainers aggressively offering their service online with packages tailored to age, gender, and nutrition target. If you are passionate about fitness and excel at motivating people, then you should take up this job for extra income! As a virtual trainer, you can work from home doing training sessions through Zoom. When not in session, you could get in touch with each customer through Messenger, Instagram, or Slack to build rapport and guide them closer through their fitness journey.

There are many ways to start a career as a virtual fitness trainer. Start a health and fitness blog either on web builders like Webflow, WordPress, Wix. Or do short video challenges to showcase your skills on Instagram and Tiktok or Youtube. Reach out to people to sign them up for your training courses. 

Online personal trainers who know how to hustle could potentially earn more than C$66,416 per year.

Check out Nerd Fitness to learn more about becoming a virtual trainer. 

Get inspired by Charlie Meister and read his incredible journey on how he became a professional trainer.

8. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper keeps track of every transaction of a company from opening to closing. She collects the documentation for each financial transaction, records them in the accounting book, determines each transaction as debits or credits, and organizes the transactions according to the firm's chart of account. You don’t need an accounting degree or a CPA to start your online gig as a bookkeeper. If you like numbers and are great at details and records, take an online course or a class at your nearest community college. Once you have the foundation down, you can start earning right away. The average bookkeeping salary in Canada is C$46,846 per year or C$24 per hour. 

Want to take up bookkeeping courses? Check out Edx: Intro to Bookkeeping and Quickbook Bookkeeping Course.

9. Stock photographer

The stock photo market is a booming billion-dollar industry. Stock photography is selling online professional photos to agencies. If you are an avid photographer, even amateur, don’t skip this opportunity to hustle some side income for yourself! It’s easy to start as long as you have a good camera or a good smartphone.

If you are already into photography and taking photos regularly, why not do it for compensation? Someone out there may like your concept. Clients range from individual bloggers to large corporations. You can take photos in your free time when you’re going on an adventure, traveling to a new place, or simply taking a walk in your neighborhood or cooking in your house. Study the market and successful stock photos. Make your photo commercial. The earning can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month! 

You can start uploading your photos on multiple websites to diversify your income

Unsplash, Shutterstock, StockPhoto ,Adobe Stock ,Getty Images, 500px 

10. Customer Service Representative

Gone are the days when a customer service representative only sat in a cubicle to answer the phone from grumpy customers. With the accelerating speed of technology, customer service is one of the fastest to move online. As a customer service representative (CSR), you will listen and respond to customer questions about your company’s products or services. In addition, you work with customers to resolve complaints and process orders.

Every company needs stellar customer service to stay competitive. What’s great is that it requires a low barrier to start. What you need is, at the minimum, a high school diploma, a thorough understanding of the company’s service, and a willingness to listen and communicate with people. You can work from home doing it entirely online.

The pay range for CSR in Canada is C$42,921 per year or C$22 per hour. Most experienced workers make up to C$60,000 per year. 

Check out WeWorkRemotely to start an online Customer Service Jobs and more.

11. Life Coach

If you are passionate about helping and connecting with people through shared stories and experiences, then Life Coach is a job for you. Being a life coach can bring about diverse perspectives and empathy as you conduct one-on-one or group sessions to provide clients with insights and advice. You should pick your niche for coaching; for example, communicating like a CEO, becoming more confident & charming, managing money better, or managing everyday life stress. Find out what you are good at, build a profile around it, and work from home.

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How much can you make? It depends on your market and your business model. Are you doing 1-to-1 coaching or group coaching? If you are targeting lower-income, you can charge C$50 per hour, if you’re targeting higher-income you could charge C$300 per hour or much more.

The average life coach salary in Canada is C$46,750 per year or C$23.97 per hour. Most experienced workers make up to C$82,858 per year.

Find out how Natalie Bacon became a 6-figure Life Coach. And more Resources in Canada to get started.

12. E-commerce Store Operator

Do you love storytelling, are you obsessed with online performance metrics, are you into creating great digital products? If so, then e-commerce store operations are destined for you! Instead of opening a physical store and interacting with customers face to face, you open a store selling digital products like digital planners, printables, digital postcards, etc. Or physical products like appliances, tools, clothing, electronics, etc. which are stored in an inventory that can be shipped to customers. Think Amazon and Ebay. 

It's a low barrier to starting an online storefront as long as you have a basic marketing plan, a stockpile of products, and a well-researched pricing structure. Many websites such as Etsy or Shopify can be set up without pain. However, to make it big while competing with millions of buyers in your category could take quite a while. So prepare for going months without even making a sale, but at least you can work from home.

If all is well, the average earning of an E-commerce Store Operator can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Read Best ecommerce platforms to start selling your products 

13. Email Marketer

Having worked in email marketing and creating HTML emails before, I can assure you email newsletters will not go out of style anytime soon. Email marketing is a subset of internet marketing, which includes creating newsletters, turning followers into buyers, SEO keyword researching, crafting appealing messages that promote a product or service. 

Highly skilled email marketers are vital to growing a business. It’s a field that allows you to work from the comfort of your living room. If you excel at the psychology of people, marketing, storytelling, creating engaging content, and understanding a target market to generate leads, encouraging subscribers to click on links, recruiting more subscribers, why not take up this opportunity to hustle side income? A major in marketing or communications would definitely help, but it’s not required. 

The average Email Marketer salary in Canada is C$65,512.88 per year or C$33.60 per hour. More experienced workers make up to C$115,000 per year.

Here are some resources to learn more at and search for jobs to sign up for today!

14. Recruiter

Working as a recruiter can be a job you do outside the realm of your office. Especially for work from home remote openings, recruiters can reach out to a potential candidate that matches the description of their company through Email, Linkedin, or Skype. You help field a pool of job applicants to fill a client’s vacancy. You use internet job boards, email, and other avenues to contact and connect with job seekers.

Being a virtual recruiter doesn’t mean you have to be on the computer all the time to find applicants, take initiative to go to different networking events  and you could accelerate your searching process. Since this is a remote position, you should acquire excellent time management skills and reliable internet access. Recruiters usually receive a placement fee from the company through an electronic transfer for every successfully recruited candidate.  

The average recruiter salary in Canada is C$59,021per year or C$30.27 per hour. Entry-level positions start at C$44,254 per year, while most experienced workers make up to C$90,764 per year.

How do I become a virtual recruiter?

Indeed, Linkedin, and Jooble are two large platforms with diverse openings.

15. Financial Advisor 

A Financial Advisor can fall under a broad field. You can manage investment portfolios for clients, or help them plan out their retirement or consult them on their personal finance to reach their goals, and many more, depending on what your specialty is. In order to become a financial coach or advisor, you first acquire the CFP or Certified Financial Planner. Usually it's ideal to have a background or at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, economics, or commerce. Then later on, depending on the role you want, you take specific courses or certificates designated for that path. In Canada, for beginners, the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) is the prerequisite for most financial-oriented careers. This exam alone takes about 100-200 hours of prep time. Once you’ve passed your final exams, received your certifications, you will be able to work from home in your chosen advisory role. 

Like any career, it’s a two-way street. Your next step is bringing in clients. For this, read up more on digital marketing strategy, social media, and networking. Start small within your circle, leverage Linkedin and professional events or meetups to bring in your potential clients. 

The average financial advisor salary in Canada is C$81,299 per year or roughly C$42 per hour. 

Here are some platforms that offer many People Per Hour and Freelancer opportunities for freelance Financial Advisors, both locally and internationally. You can also check out these online Canadian Securities Courses to get started.

16. Affiliate Marketer

Let’s say that you have an online blog and you refer a book on Amazon to your readers in your post. When the reader clicks the affiliate link and buys the book, Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale as a commission. Affiliate marketing can go in the form of blog writing, podcasting, social media partnership, as long as you have amassed a significant amount of followers and are able to create content that appeals to them. It's certainly less costly and risky than starting a business, and you can work from home.

The average Affiliate Marketer’s salary in Canada is C$82,916 per year or C$42 per hour

Read more on How to become an affiliate marketer with Oberlo and more affiliate platforms if you are ready to get down and dirty!

17. App Tester

Companies or individuals always need to do user testing when they release a new app or new features of the existing app. This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online. What you need to do is to pay attention to user experience: how you feel using the app, what makes you uncomfortable, and what could be done better to reduce cognitive load. Then you give feedback to the company. After you finish the user test, companies will give out compensation in the form of either gift cards, coupons, or hard cash. The best part, you can work from home testing apps!

Typically companies will pay around $10 per testing. Therefore, you can make around $20-$50 per month, depending on how much you’re willing to do.

User Testing and U Test are two credible platforms that will hire you to do user testing.

18. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is a business model where the seller doesn’t have a physical business location such as an office space or warehouse to handle inventory. Perfect if you want to work from home! The dropshipper only received orders from customers. They get the item from the retailer or manufacturer (who actually produces the products from raw materials, packages it and ships it.

This kind of business model is extremely attractive because you can effectively run it remotely. It’s low cost, less risky than setting up a physical shop and inventory space and managing it. The business can be run anywhere, allowing you to work from home.

The average drop shipping salary in Canada is C$39,449 per year or C$20 per hour. Ready to dive in dropshipping?

Read more on how to start dropshipping.

19. Consultant

We often hear of management consulting or finance consulting. But a consultant can be anyone who offers professional advice regarding a specific niche whether it be web design, social media, marriage, dating, mental health & fitness, career, etc. If you have amassed vast experience in a particular profession over time, you can make extra money by doing consulting work from home. The important thing is to select the correct niche, be clear about which services you offer, and build your credibility. 

To start off, choose your niche, and make sure you have acquired at least 5 years of experience in your field, along with outstanding interpersonal skills. This is one of the most lucrative side hustle ideas in 2021.

The average consultant salary in Canada is C$75,644.38 per year or C$38.79 per hour.

For more, check out How to start a consulting business  

20. Amazon Seller

If you are passionate about eCommerce and marketing, why not consider the obvious choice: selling on Amazon? There are two types of selling mechanisms on Amazon: FBA and FBM. FBA handles the process of storage, packaging, and shipping. On the other hand, FBA is more DIY where you take care of the services of storage, packaging, and shipping.

You will need to take care of the process of storage and shipping as well as the customer support service. Decide what method of selling is best for you. If you have a solid team to do the packaging while you specialize in customer service, then it’s best to do FBM.  

The average Amazon Seller salary in Canada is C$98,475 per year or C$50.50 per hour. 

How do I get started? Take this top Udemy course on selling on Amazon to prepare yourself before diving in. You can also learn how to market your store to build a successful Amazon eCommerce business.

21. Airbnb Host

If you have an extra room in your house, don’t waste it! Put on your entrepreneur hat and become an Airbnb host. To create a six-figure income, go an extra mile by buying or leasing a number of apartments or homes and renting them out full time. How much you earn depends on how much time and money you can spend on furnishing and maintaining your home as well how you market it. 

Some hosts are able to generate more than C$10,000 per month, while others struggle to make a couple hundred. But the fact is, more than half of Airbnb hosts make over C$500 per month. If you're curious about how much you can really earn by becoming a host, you can plug in your location, the number of guests you can host, and how much of your home you can rent out on Airbnb's website, and they'll show you an average number. 

To get started, read up on AirBnB Host Checklist to see if you have the qualities to become a host. And follow up with this to learn some new tricks.

22. Domain Flipper

Similar to website flipping, domain flipping is the process of buying a domain as cheaply as possible, then selling it to another party for a higher price. Both are a type of investing. Domains are incredibly valuable pieces of online real estate. In fact, If you’re in the right place at the right time and choose a domain name with massive potential, you could turn a significant profit when you flip the domain.

How much can you earn flipping domains? Well, it depends. Just like other types of investing, domain flipping is as profitable as you make it. You can make somewhere from a few hundred dollars to even $872 million ( aka the most expensive domain name ever sold) if you are lucky! 

GoDaddy is a helpful and detailed resource to learn more about domain flipping. Then head to Udemy for a quick Domain Flipping Course.

23. Voice Actor

Have you ever been praised with your deep resonating or an animated lively voice? Are you short of cash or are you seeking to be independent from your 9-5 job? If so, go for voice acting! Voice actors use their voices to perform various roles through the oral medium. They can find opportunities in a variety of industries, such as audiobooks, education, business, podcast, advertisement, video game, etc. And the best part? They may work in studio settings or work from home.

The remote job not only requires you to have a good voice that adapts to different settings but also creativity, confidence, clarity, acting range and computer skills to operate recording software and manage audio files.

The average Voice Actor salary in Canada is $89,608 per year or $45.95 per hour.

Find out more here for Voice Acting Freelancing Jobs

Tips to become a voice actor and set up a studio at home.

24. Data Entry Clerk

This may not be the most exciting job out there, but it could earn you extra cash when need it and there’s no advanced degree required. Business owners need highly attentive people who can input their data accurately and they are too busy to do this tedious job themselves. You can offer them a hand and your time to be their data entry clerk. Also if you are looking for a job that deals with people as little as possible, this is the job for you. The best part of it? You can work from home as a data clerk, or from anywhere in the world. 

The average data entry clerk salary in Canada is C$39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

Check out these Online Data Entry Jobs on Indeed to start data entry today!

25. Resume Writer

To stand out among thousands of other competing candidates, job seekers constantly seek to improve their resume, not only in appearance but also in content. If there’s a market demand for bio writing, then there’s certainly a big market out there for resume writers. Being a resume writer is exciting because you learn about various types of roles in various industries. Surprisingly there are many people out there who don’t have time and are not good enough at crafting a presentable resume, and you can be the one who helps them. If you are great at writing and designing resume templates, then you can earn extra bucks from this type of job!

The average Resume Writer salary in Canada is C$53,000 per year or C$27.5 per hour.

How do you get started? Check out the 2 biggest international freelancing platforms Upwork and Fiverr to find your dream resume writing job now.

26. Course Creator

As traditional schooling shifts the landscape towards online courses, high-quality courses are being sought after. If you love creating educational content then there are many platforms for you to start, and you can work from home. Just like other side gigs, you need to choose your niche. Then you design your own courses and set your own prices. If you are great at languages, create courses on Duolingo and ask for a small “donation” for each session. 

If you are good at programming, offer your course on Udemy. If you are passionate about photography, try Skillshare or Linkedin Learning. Websites like Teachable or Thinkific will charge you monthly fees to keep your courses running, so it’s a little risky if you don’t generate a lot of sales from your courses. 

Make sure you do research on other successful predecessors to see why their courses are popular and selling. The more engaging and helpful your course’s content is, the more registration you rack up, and the more you earn! 

A course creator’s earnings can vary widely. Your online course could earn anywhere from C$0 – C$50k+ per month. 

For more details, check out 7 ways to make money selling online courses.

Want to get started right away? Check out this comprehensive list of platforms you can sign up for and create your online courses.

27. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are highly demanded in every industry. Nowadays, they are able to work from the comfort of their homes thanks to technology. Startups and middle-size businesses are willing to hire a remote graphics designer to design their brand, logo, ads, banners, magazines, book covers, etc. You can also find and build a customer base yourself through word of mouth, your network of family and friends, or online platforms. As long as you possess a knack for digital communication, time management, and design concepts & tools, you can easily earn up to C$60,000 a year. 

Check out these awesome freelancing websites to find your dream graphic design job today! 

28. Music Reviewer

If you are into listening to music every day, why not become a music reviewer? Yes, this type of job exists and I’m not joking. The best thing is you can work from home, online for a fee. Just like an individual or a company hires you to do user testing, you can be hired to review and rate newly released music as well. Your feedback will help artists and record labels to fine-tune their music before its public release. You can earn around C$6 to C$19 for each round of review.

Excited yet? Check out this list on to earn money reviewing music in your spare time.

29. Transcriber

One other realistic work from home job you can do from anywhere is to work as a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist converts audio files into text. Online transcription jobs don’t require expensive equipment, but you should have a computer with high-speed internet and word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Many transcription companies are willing to hire freelance transcribers with no prior experience, as long as you have the necessary skills. If you’re a beginner, you may be asked to submit a sample transcription or complete a test. And flexible hours and the ability to work at your own pace are some of the main benefits of an online transcription job

How much do transcriptionists make?

Here in Canada, the average transcriptionist's salary is C$39,000 per year or C$20 per hour. 

If you are interested but not sure where to start, I suggest you take one of these easy Udemy courses to solidify your skills:

  1. Hands-on Transcription Practice Series
  2. How to Become a Transcriptionist
  3. Transcription Skills

Next head to rev or Scribd to get yourself a job! 

30. T-shirt designer

Remember how much you enjoyed tie-dying T-shirts or designing cool patterns and messages for your class T-shirts when you were younger? If you are a creative type who has business acumen but is working a full-time job, then consider designing T-shirts as a side hustle and creative outlet. Because guess what? You can work from home.

Forget about all the handling from packaging to shipping, all you need to do is upload your designs and you get paid when a customer buys one of your products. Some companies like DesignHill or Printful will print the item and mail it from their distribution center.

The annual salaries can be as high as C$68,000 and as low as C$18,500

Check out this list on to see the comprehensive list of companies that pay you as you submit your Tshirt design.

31. Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers create and maintain brand promotions, company information, and marketing campaigns for their company across several social media networks. Say you are adept at writing, research, SEO strategy, social media, and customer services, then you can quickly earn big bucks while you work from home! Many companies need to stay competitive with their brand but managing online presence can get exhausting very quickly, therefore hiring proficient social media managers is one of their top priorities. 

The average social media manager salary in Canada is C$48,290 per year or C$24.76 per hour. 

How do I start? You don’t need a degree but you need a solid understanding of the social media world. Check out these online Udemy courses to master social media management:

  1. Social Media Management: Complete Manager Bootcamp
  2. Social Media Marketing Management

32. Facebook Ads Specialist

Facebook is too complex for many startups and self-employed owners to manage if they have to take other business responsibilities into account. Therefore, the benefits overweigh the costs when it comes to hiring a specialist to run their ads. Running a successful marketing campaign is no small task. It requires the eyes of an expert. Therefore if you have a keen eye for marketing and design, you can produce a cohesive outcome that captivates an audience and delivers outstanding results. As a Facebook ads specialist, you’ll create ads that reach a target audience, manage advertising budgets, monitor campaigns, etc. You’ll help local businesses grow while simultaneously building your own business.

The average Facebook ads salary in Canada is C$65,000 per year or C$33.33 per hour. 

Check out and the following online Udemy courses to get up and running with your career as a Facebook Ad Specialist:

  1. Facebook Ads & facebook Marketing Mastery
  2. The Complete Facebook Ads Course: Beginner to Advnced

33. Web Designer

Similar to graphic designers, web designers are essential to a website’s brand. Companies and small businesses stay in the game through the digital presence and through constantly evolving their brand. A website with great UI, UX will convert more potential visitors into customers. If you have an inclination for both the technical and the aesthetic, then becoming a web designer can be very fulfilling. Other than working for companies, you can freelance designing SquareSpace or Webflow to tailor to the needs of different clients.

Although website designing is not big on coding, knowing how the front end works can be tremendously helpful. Other than courses in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, consider brushing up on HTML, CSS, and you’ll see your earnings skyrocket.

Check out for required skills on starting a web designing career. According to Flux Academy, there are 18  popular websites to get a web design job with just a click. 

34. Textbook Seller

The market of textbooks is worth well over billionaire figures. Students are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on textbooks. If you love books and have a knack to do business, why not try selling textbooks for an extra income stream? Even if you are a student in college, you can earn more money by not throwing away your textbooks, and reselling them instead. There are many online spaces to sell textbooks, both old and new. 

Selling textbooks can earn you extra hundreds or thousands of dollars each month if you are smart about it.

Read more on how to start a textbooks business on, and here is the list of websites to sell textbooks according to

35. Tax Preparer

People always look to outsource tasks that are complicated paperwork to save time. Doing annual tax returns can get tedious and time-consuming really fast, especially if you are a business owner. Therefore, more are turning online to look for a high-quality tax preparer to prepare their tax documents. You don’t have to learn everything about Canadian Tax law to start preparing taxes. You can take a simple class and start earning right away.

The average tax preparer salary in Canada is $33,430 per year or $17.14 per hour. 

For more information, check out this quick online Udemy course about Canadian Basic Income Tax.

36. Web Developer

If you don’t mind sitting and coding in front of the computer for 8 hours or so, then this could be the most flexible, high-earning job you’ve ever taken. Being a web developer means you can either work for a corporation, a startup, a non-profit, or freelance. Getting into technology is never a wasted investment. You will need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the front end and NodeJS or Java for the back end. The web development world, especially the front end, is ever-changing, so it could be quite exhausting to catch up with new frameworks. Nonetheless, if you get the solid fundamentals, meaning algorithms and data structures, you will handle it fine. 

The average web developer salary in Canada is $75,785 per year or roughly C$39 per hour. 

Start with these affordable online resources at Udemy:

  1. Web Developer Bootcamp
  2. The Complete Web Developer Course

Or if you prefer more interactive, teamwork projects, check out coding bootcamps that will train you in 6 months and help find you a job after graduation. 

37. Online Beauty Advisor

Similar to life coaches and consultants, online beauty advising is also a trendy career. Usually, I’d say consulting beauty or makeup is best done in person. But with Covid, you can be resourceful by setting up an online presence to get the income coming. However, like many other online work-from-home jobs, you have to start small from your circle of friends and family and build up your online presence. If you already work as a beauty or makeup artist for a business, then make sure you get in touch with them to let them know about your online service. 

You can create an Instagram or Facebook group to start giving out free tips and charge for a more comprehensive package. Research on your target customers and tailor your consulting service to them. 

The average Beauty Advisor salary in Canada is C$49,000 per year or C$25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at C$38,738 per year, while most experienced workers make up to C$700,000 per year.

Find out more about this exciting career at

38. Twitch Streamer

Twitch is an online live-streaming platform that focuses on video game live streams. In fact, some gamers have earned a lot of money streaming video games on Twitch. Some may think it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. But trust me there’s no such thing as playing games and getting paid. You may be passionate about games and play a lot, but do you have a big following? Are your gaming and interpersonal skills good enough to attract them to stay? Like any online work-from-home job, it’s incredibly competitive because the online landscape brings a lot of uncertainty. Though it has a low barrier to entry, it may take years to build up your following and generate money. Twitch offers an Affiliate Program for their streamers to make money while streaming. On the other hand, their Partner program offers many other perks such as broadcast storage, financial support, and fan subscription, etc. Successful streamers can make up to C$4,000 to C$6,000 per month!

Check out this article on 10 tips to grow your creative community on Twitch.

39. Online Moderator

When I think of online moderators, Facebook and Reddit immediately come to my mind. Just pick your favourite social media or online forums, and there are almost always moderators that run the platform. They are the ones who monitor or flag negative or inappropriate comments, oversee message board or chat room discussion, and review content to ensure every post meets the site's standards. The more digital communities grow, the more online moderators are needed to oversee the ongoing activities. You may have to deal with hate speech, violent content, sexism, racism, etc. Some content can be very disturbing so prepare yourself mentally!

For this job, you can expect to earn $58,500 per year or $30 per hour.

Start browsing with Upwork jobs and apply for a few to get started.

40. Ebay Reseller

Like Amazon, eBay is a huge eCommerce platform you can sell various things on. The best thing about eBay is that you can sell used things, from used electronics to books to toys and games, etc. Because eBay has been in the eCommerce game for quite a long stretch of time, there are many competitors in the same categories, so the profit margin may not be as high when you first start. But don’t get discouraged! Keep your main 9-5 job while hustling to make your product more quality, visible to customers and provide stellar customer service to up your rank. Make sure you do a thorough search on the products you are planning to sell as there may be many competitors already in that space. 

Read up on this article about determining what to sell on eBay to make money on

41. YouTuber

YouTube is incredibly competitive, especially for beginners, because you are competing with businesses, professional filmmakers, celebrities, professional bloggers, etc. It takes dedication, business acumen, content making, and a bit of luck to make it big here. The amount of money YouTube will pay depends on a variety of factors. Generally, for an ad clicked and viewed, you will earn around C$0.13 – C$0.38. According to CanadaBuzz, Youtuber Lily Singh’s net worth is C $26 million, with 15 million subscribers and an annual earning of $8.95mil. Nonetheless, creating a YouTube channel can be a worthwhile side hustle and creative outlet. Make sure you stay consistent in planning and producing your engaging content to grow a bigger audience. 

Read up more about how to make money on YouTube. And check out these top online Udemy courses to help become a successful YouTuber:

  1. YouTube Masterclass
  2. YouTube Success Tips: How to Get Views

42. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant can earn you top money if you are good at multitasking and organizing. You can provide your expertise to a business or a business owner. Assistants can range from social media management, calendar and appointment booking, report preparation, digital marketing tasks, or hotel bookings. Make sure your interpersonal skills are on point since a lot of virtual assistant jobs require consistent and timely communication through email and chat apps. These types of jobs require little advanced degree and low barrier to entry, so it’s a perfect way to earn quick cash on top of your 9-5 job.

The average Virtual Assistant salary in Canada is C$60,124 per year or C$30.84 per hour.

How do I start? First check out these popular job boards to get a sense of what companies are looking for.

Want to know what skill you can offer as a virtual assistant? Check the ultimate list of Virtual Assistant services on the Desire To Done website.

43. Translator

Translating is probably not an unfamiliar job to many of us. It’s quick cash and you can use your talent if you are already well versed in a language other than your own. It only requires quick thinking on your feet and working knowledge of a foreign language. You can easily find a job in translating online as many meetings are now being held online through Zoom. If you are starting out as a newbie translator, ProZ and TranslatorCafe are your allies. They are the platforms that provide a variety of freelance translator jobs for you to acquire experience for your resume.

The average Translator salary in Canada is C$68,526 per year or C$35 per hour.

You can also find remote translator jobs through Upwork and Fiverr , two biggest international freelancing platforms in the world! 

44. Blogger

The best thing about being a blogger is you can write about just anything that piques your interest and that you’re good at. Blogging can be through the medium of writing or filming. Many digital nomads travel all over the world with just their laptop and connection to the Internet to produce high-quality content about the places they visit, the food they eat, and how they feel about a particular subject. It seems easy enough, but the trick here is to produce consistent and authentic content that draws more followers in. One of the biggest trends in the last few years is the Financial Independence, Retire Early or FIRE movement, and FIRE bloggers have found a lot of success. Being a blogger doesn't require any degree. Many earn 6-7 figures by just blogging and affiliate marketing once they amass a big following. If you don’t have time to build a blog and a following from scratch, go for existing websites that need blog writers and start earning money from there.

More on being a successful blogger at

45. Product Reviewer

Similar to music reviewing or app testing, companies are always on the lookout to improve their products or services. Product reviewing is also trending on Youtube because people would love to know about how good a product performs before they spend money on it. If you’re good at presenting, video filming and editing, and you love trying and reviewing different products, then turn it into a Youtube business, Otherwise, you can apply to be a reviewer for certain companies.

The average Product Reviewer salary in Canada is C$97,500 per year or C$50 per hour.

How do I start? Check out more companies hiring at

Still unsure about how to become a Product Reviewer, how about reading this how-to guide on the Helpie WP website?

46. Sales Representative

Sales Rep doesn’t require a specific degree. Anyone with great interpersonal skills and a sense for business and marketing can become a sales rep. The digital age has moved sales jobs online. Therefore, you can speak to people through messaging apps or the phone. It can be intimidating to start if you are not used to persuading strangers on a daily basis. Start small, practice with friends, family and coworkers. Know your product inside out and get enthused about it. Then draft a pitch, go out there selling and learn from experience.

The average Sales Representative salary in Canada is C$45,000 per year or C$23.08 per hour.

I suggest taking a quick course to solidify your skill and head to to start earning from your sales!

47. SEO Specialist

Companies and businesses constantly compete for their content and products to rank top in search engines like Google. That’s where SEO specialists come into play. They are the ones who specialize in making a site more appealing to Google’s constantly changing search algorithm. SEO specialists research keyword strategies to increase the flow of traffic to a specific site, in turn making the site’s products more visible to potential customers looking for their products online. Because SEO specialists work with digital content, they can be hired to work anywhere in the world while cashing in. 

The average SEO Specialist salary in Canada is C$55,000 per year or C$28.21 per hour.

Read more on how to become an SEO specialist at!

Once you are ready, go ahead and submit your resume to SEO jobs.

48. TikTok Influencer

TikTok is the new Vice during Covid-19. Armed with engaging filters, video editing and smart algorithms, TikTok has become GenZ’s favourite social app to showcase their creative talent and to become a “mini celebrity” to earn big money. If you can amass a significant following with TikTok, you can start affiliate marketing, promoting your brand, and selling products. All the good things! 

Make sure your content is geared towards your target audience. The more unique and creative it is, the more followers you gain. The best part is there are already huge audiences on the platform from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is create content. Famous TikTok influencers can earn from C$638 to over C$25,000 per video from brand promotion and follower engagement. The more your target audience engages with your video aka liking and commenting, the higher chance you are able to earn from advertising.

Check out Tribe Group and Influence Marketing Hub articles to learn more!

49. Subscription Box Creator

If you have a niche that you are passionate about, why not start a subscription box in that category? Shoppers have come to regard box services as an easy way to discover trendy and unique items from the convenience of their home. McKinsey’s reported that subscriptions account for 15% of online services, among which are HelloFresh, BlueApron, BarkBox, Ipsy, Spotify, Netflix, etc. If you can get 100 customers to subscribe to your product and are satisfied with it, word will spread. More customers will be flowing in, you will get to have your recurring income, and your brand loyalty will skyrocket.

Most subscription boxes have a profit margin of 40-60%, depending on your industry and niche.

Want to know further about this profitable business model?

Read up more on or check out this Udemy course on how to start your own subscription business!

50. Naming Consultant

What could be more fun than using your creativity with wordplay and getting paid for it? You might be surprised the naming game we used to play with our friends could turn into a side hustle. For small businesses looking to increase visibility when they launch, the name is their brand which will make the first impression. They need one that perfectly summarizes their products and services and values. You could be the one who earns a lot of money by being a naming consultant. There are websites you can enter for naming contests.

And the rewards are anywhere from C$60-$600, with the average amount around C$100.

Naming Force and Squad Help are your friends when it comes to PAID naming contests.

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