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Get multiple RV insurance quotes in minutes

How to shop for your next RV insurance policy on Hardbacon

Comparing prices from several insurers before selecting an RV insurance policy can usually save you hundreds of dollars a year. Follow these 4 steps to do so.

Tell us where you're located

The first step is to enter your province of residence in the box on the left, and click on the "Compare prices" button. Your province will help us redirect you to the appropriate partner.

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The second step is to complete our partner's form, which will begin by asking for your contact details as well as other personal information that is required to obtain RV insurance quotes.

Tell us more about the type of driver you are

The third step is to answer questions about your record as a driver, and about other drivers who will be using the RV you wish to insure. Here you'll indicate if you're traveling outside the country with your RV, if your driver's license has ever been suspended, etc.

Tell us more about the RV you wish to insure

The fourth and final step before you can submit your application is to answer questions about the recreational vehicle (RV) you want to insure. Here you'll indicate the vehicle's make, model, year and mileage.

A few tips to save on your next RV insurance policy

Combine your insurance products

"Most insurers will offer you considerable discounts on your insurance premiums if you insure several recreational vehicles, your car and/or your home all with them. Take inventory of your insurance needs and try to combine them to save. "

Analyze your needs

Do you drive your RV on Canadian or US roads during the summer period, or does it remain parked in a campground? This question will help you identify your needs and thus determine whether you should consider additional coverage or stick to the basics.

Compare prices

Your insurance premium can vary significantly from one insurer to another, especially due to factors such as the crime rate in your neighbourhood. Each insurer has its own risk tolerance, which is why it can be beneficial for you to shop around for your insurance and compare prices.

Focus on maintenance

A well-maintained RV will definitely save you some claims. Be sure to follow your maintenance guide to the letter to travel safely all summer long. Other breakdowns can occur when your RV is stored during the winter, such as its water system freezing if not properly winterized. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Get multiple RV insurance quotes in minutes

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Frequently-asked questions about RV insurance

There are several factors to consider when shopping for your RV insurance. In particular: the use you plan to make of it depending on whether you use it occasionally or throughout the year, the class of RV you wish to insure (A, B, or C) and of course the cost of insurance that will best suit your needs and your wallet.
Replacement cost protection is an optional protection. It allows you to obtain a refund that will not take into account the loss in value of your RV over the years. If an accident happens, you could get a refund equal to or proportional to the initial value of your RV.
Yes, insuring your RV is mandatory in Quebec and Canada. Specifically, Third Party Liability coverage for a minimum of $1 million is mandatory for all RV owners, but there are several add-on coverages you could choose to purchase to further protect yourself.
Several protections are essential such as civil liability or insurance in the event of an accident, but there are several additional protections to RV insurance. For example, you could choose to insure your household goods and valuables. Other protections may be added depending on the type of RV you own. Your broker is the ideal person to advise you.
No. Even if you have car insurance, RV insurance is an insurance product in its own right. Some protections are similar, however the additional protections are used to better cover the owners of recreational vehicles.
The vast majority of insurance policies do not cover damage that occurs over time, such as delamination, for example. However, if the delamination is the result of a sudden, accidental, and unforeseen event, some insurers may cover the damage. To be sure, be sure to confirm with your broker whether your policy covers this type of damage or not when shopping for your insurance.
The reason for the water infiltration or damage is important to properly answer this question. Generally, if the water damage is the result of a sudden, accidental and unforeseen event, some damage may be covered. Check with an insurance professional to find out if your insurance policy covers you against this type of disaster.
The price of your insurance will directly depend on the guarantees you choose. Sticking to basic protections such as accident and civil liability insurance, for example, will allow you to reduce the amount of your monthly premium.
Just like for your car insurance, it is recommended to shop around for your RV insurance since the price could differ from one insurer to another. The price will also depend on the protections you choose. A price comparison tool can be very useful to ensure the best price.
Your insurance broker will identify your needs and offer you the appropriate coverage. If the amount of the premium suits you, you will then be able to choose whether or not you wish to purchase the insurance policy offered to drive with peace of mind.
Generally, a sudden or accidental breakage of an awning could be covered under your insurance policy. However, it could not be covered if the breakage occurred over time due to wear and tear, for example. Check with an insurance professional to find out if your insurance policy covers you against this type of disaster.
Several insurers offer comprehensive and competitive RV insurance on the market, such as Beneva, Desjardins and Promutuel, for example.

Compare RV insurance

Get multiple RV insurance quotes in minutes

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