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Compare credit cards

With over 230 Canadian credit cards to choose from, Hardbacon's comparison tool is the most comprehensive on the market. It allows you to select the rewards or cashback you will earn from each card based on your profile.

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Business Credit Card Comparator

With over 40 Canadian business credit cards to choose from, Hardbacon's comparison tool is the most comprehensive on the market. It allows you to find the type of business credit card that best suits your business needs based on your profile. Use the filter options to instantly compare cards based on your specific preferences such as travel rewards, low interest, cash back, no annual fee, and more.

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Compare online brokers

Warren Buffett once said that the first rule of stock market investing is not to lose money. So why give it away in fees? Hardbacon's comparison tool let's you choose the right online broker for your needs – and helps you save your hard earned money from outrageous brokerage fees.

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Compare robo-advisors

Compare all of Canada's robo-advisors at once with Hardbacon's robo-advisor comparison tool. Choose the amount to invest and type of investment you want – even ethical funds! – and Hardbacon does the research for you – and fast. You'll know all the fees, commissions, and minimum deposits for TFSA, RRSP, ETF and everything else. Hardbacon puts information and investing all in once place.

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Compare chequing accounts

If you've been with the same bank since you were a child, chances are you're paying too much in fees. Most of us haven't shopped around to find the banking institution that offers both the best fee structure and the best service. Just go to Hardbacon's chequing account comparison tool and answer a few questions to find out if you've outgrown your account.

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Compare savings accounts

You can free yourself from savings accounts with low interest and high monthly fees. Hardbacon's savings account comparison tool lets you compare savings accounts from nearly 20 financial institutions, saving you time, money and endless internet searches.

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Compare personal loans

You need a personal loan and you need it fast (or slow). Hardbacon's personal loan comparison tool makes finding a private lender easy. You are a few quick clicks away from finding the best private lenders for you in your area. Compare rates and apply all in one place. Get your loan search started right now from your phone or computer.

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Compare mortgages

Listing nearly 200 different mortgage products, Hardbacon's comparison tool could save you thousands of dollars in fees on what could be the biggest transaction of your life. When it comes to making a financial decision of this magnitude, it's worth shopping around, and Hardbacon's mortgage comparison tool is the best place to start.

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Compare Crypto Exchanges

You want to invest in cryptocurrency but don't know where to start? Hardbacon's cryptocurrency platform comparison tool will help you choose which of the 70 active trading platforms in Canada best suits your needs. No matter the coin that you want to buy or sell, regardless of payment method, you'll find what you are looking for.

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Compare Motorcycle Insurance

While motorcycle insurance is mandatory for all motorbike owners, you cannot simply add it to your car insurance policy. Depending on how frequently you plan to ride your motorcycle and what you plan to use it for, you may opt to get a standard policy or a policy with incremental add-ons. Use our motorcycle insurance comparison tool to to gest the best quotes that fits your needs

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Compare life insurance

You want the best life insurance experience. Hardbacon's life insurance comparison tool let's you compare term and whole life insurance options in the safety of your own home or on the go. Life is hard but Hardbacon makes finding life insurance easy.

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Compare Disability Insurance

It is only natural to want to protect your family's financial future in the event where a disability renders you unable to work. If you are not already covered by a group policy from your employer or are seeking additional coverage, check out our disability insurance comparison tool. With just a few clicks, you can benchmark the different options and quotes available to you and select the one that best matches your needs.

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Compare auto insurance

Every driver needs auto insurance, but not all car insurance policies are made equal. Use our auto insurance policy comparison tool to get multiple quotes to get the best policy for you at the best price.

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Compare home insurance

Whether you own or rent, you'll probably sleep better at night knowing that your house or apartment is covered in case of a disaster. Thanks to our home insurance comparison tool, you can get multiple quotes in just a few clicks … and you'll be sure to get the best coverage at the best price.

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Compare travel insurance

You're going on vacation soon and you want to insure that nothing wrecks it, not even the unexpected. Use our travel insurance comparison tool to compare multiple travel insurance products. From cancellation insurance to travel medical coverage, our comparison tool will let you find the coverage that you need for the least amount. Once you use our comparison tool, you'll already have that vacation peace of mind.

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Compare Dental Insurance

Your teeth are an important part of your overall health. However, dental procedures can be expensive, particularly in more serious or urgent cases. Compare different coverage options and quotes based on your unique oral needs and brighten that smile on your face!

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Compare Condo Insurance

Our home is our safe haven. Despite our best efforts though, accidents and burglaries can happen. It makes sense to stay protected and prevent the financial impact of losing your belongings. Use our condo insurance comparison tool to assess your coverage options and get the best quotes for your needs.

Compare Critical Illness Insurance

The last thing you need when living through a critical illness is the headache of how you are going to pay your bills. With critical illness insurance, you can save yourself and your family that hassle. Check out our critical illness insurance comparison tool to understand the illness coverage options available to you and get relevant quotes.

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