Canadians are guaranteed to find a rewards program that corresponds to their spending habits. Are you a travel fanatic? There’s a program for you! Are you a wine lover? There’s also a program for you! Do you play a lot of sports? Well, the Triangle Rewards Program is just what you need! 

The Triangle Rewards Program is perfect for people who regularly buy sports equipment. Indeed, some of Canada’s favourite sports stores, including Sports Experts and Atmosphere, are part of the this cashback rewardProgram.   

Unlike many other programs, Triangle Rewards are not just points but real Canadian Tire money. So, of course, you can use the money at any Canadian Tire store. Whether it's new tires, a coffee machine or even furniture, there is something for everyone!

The Triangle Rewards Card has not replaced traditional Canadian Tire money. In fact, it is just the online version of Canadian Tire cash. Also, the Triangle Rewards Program links all the ways you shop at Canadian Tire: you can earn Canadian Tire money with your keychain mini card, your Triangle Rewards Card, the Canadian Tire mobile app or with a Canadian Tire credit card.

Where to Use your Triangle Rewards Card 

You can use your Triangle Rewards card at many participating stores. In addition to Canadian Tire, Party City, and the Essence+ and Gas+ stations, the card is accepted at Mark's, Sportchek, Atmosphere, L’Équipeur, Sports Experts, Sports Rousseau, Hockey Experts and L’Entrepôt du Hockey.

How to Earn Canadian Tire Money 

As mentioned above, you can use your Triangle card at many stores. Unlike other rewards programs, you earn Canadian Tire money. The value of the Canadian Tire money you earn is equivalent to the same value in Canadian money. Therefore, if you have earned 1 dollar in Canadian Tire money, the redeemable value on your purchases is 1 Canadian dollar.

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With the exception of gas stations, the accrual rate on your purchases is not standardized at all participating stores. While you earn rewards based on the total amount of your bill, the accrual rate depends on current offers. According to an article in Protégez-Vous magazine, it is estimated that you would have to spend $17,778 at participating merchants in order to receive a $100 reward. You would therefore have to spend more than $175 to get a $1 reward.


Money Spent  Canadian Tire Money Earned
178 dollars  1 dollar 
17,778 dollars  100 dollars 


At Essence + and Gas + stations, earning is simplified: you earn 3 cents per liter of gas purchased. However, if you have a Triangle credit card, you will earn between 5 and 7 cents per liter. 

In addition, you can always maximize your rewards thanks to various offers. Whether it be on the participating store's website, on the Triangle app or directly in store, you have access to a number of opportunities to earn points quickly. There are even personalized offers based on your shopping history. Do you frequently buy new sports equipment? Then you are going to love this program. You can take advantage of all of the offers, plus there are events like “Triangle Bonus Days” or “Spend & Earn” that allow you to earn Canadian Tire money even faster. It is amazing!

Canadian Tire Credit Cards 

If you want to earn rewards even faster, you'll be excited to learn that it's possible to do so with different Canadian Tire linked credit cards. These cards offer an impressive number of advantages.

Triangle Mastercard 

The Triangle Mastercard allows you to earn 1.5% in Canadian Tire money when you shop for groceries. This offer is valid in all supermarkets except Costco and Walmart. You get 4% in Canadian Tire money on all your purchases made at participating stores (Sport Experts, Canadian Tire, L’Entrepôt du Hockey, etc.). You also earn 5 cents per liter of gas when you fill up at Essence + and Gas +.

World Triangle Mastercard

The World Triangle Mastercard allows you to earn 4% in Canadian Tire money on all your purchases made at participating stores in addition to earning 7 cents per liter of gas when you fill up at Essence + and Gas + stores.

World Elite Triangle Mastercard 

The World Elite Triangle Mastercard allows you to earn 3% in Canadian Tire money when you shop for groceries. This offer is valid at all supermarkets except Costco and Walmart. You also earn 4% in Canadian Tire money on all your purchases at participating stores. Finally, you earn 7 cents per liter of gas when you fill up at Essence + and Gas + stores.

In addition to these many benefits, Triangle credit cards have no annual fees and allow you to obtain interest-free financing. Finally, having one of these cards gives you the added benefit of getting refunded for items without your sales receipt. 

In order to choose the credit card that best suits your needs, we invite you to use Hardbacon's Credit Card comparison tool. This is a free tool that you can customize in order to get a selection that meets your needs.

Triangle Rewards Program details

Of course, the program is not perfect for everyone. Indeed, if you do not usually purchase sports related merchandise or if you rarely go to Canadian Tire, this may not be the best program for you. Don't worry, there are plenty of other interesting rewards programs.

Another point to remember is that you can earn and exchange your Canadian Tire money at all participating stores. However, you cannot exchange your money at Essence + and Gas + stores.

Take note, the money you earn can expire if your account is inactive for 18 months. To make sure this doesn't happen, just use your card on a transaction whether it's a cash exchange or a purchase.

Finally, a very attractive feature for program members is that membership gives you access to exclusive offers and contests. For example, sometimes it’s possible to win tickets to attend a Canadian NHL team hockey game. 

Program Summary 

Where to use your Triangle Rewards card
  • Canadian Tire
  • Mark’s
  • Sportchek
  • Atmosphere
  • Party City
  • L’Équipeur
  • Sports Experts
  • Sports Rousseau
  • Hockey Experts
  • L’Entrepôt du Hockey
  • Essence + et Gas +
How to earn Canadian Tire money 
  • Make purchases at participating stores (online or in store)
  • Watch out for weekly offers 
  • Make your purchases during “Bonus Days”
Canadian Tire credit cards 
  • Triangle Mastercard
  • World Triangle Mastercard 
  • World Elite Triangle Mastercard 
Program details
  • Earned money cannot be exchanged  in gas stations
  • Access to events and exclusive contests 
  • Earned Canadian Tire money expires after 18 months of inactivity 
Program advantages 
  • Free
  • Personalized offers 
  • Various credit cards related to the program 
  • Easy conversion: $1 earned = $1 discount on your purchases 

In conclusion, if you are still hesitating about getting the Triangle Rewards Card, you should consider that regardless of your spending habits, the Program offers many advantages. Don't want to add a card to your wallet? No problem, you can earn Canadian Tire money thanks to the app that you can download directly to your phone. While it might take some time to earn enough money for a deep discount, it always pays to save even a little on every purchase.

Happy saving !