Double-Double your savings with Tims Rewards! It's hard to hit the road without zipping through the Tim Horton's drive-thru, no matter where you are in Canada. It's probably our most iconic restaurant! 

Did you know that this restaurant chain has its own rewards program, the Tims Rewards card or mobile app? Get ready because we reveal all the program’s secrets.

Earning Tims Rewards

If you haven't downloaded the app yet and want to do so, just go to the iTunes Store or Google Play. And for convenience, you can add it to your Apple Wallet or Google Play on your smartphone. If you don't have one, you can always set up an account through the Tim Hortons website.

The process is simple. You scan your card (a physical card or with the QR code on your phone) every time you want to buy a donut, a coffee, classic chilli lunch, or anything at Tim Horton's.

For each purchase of at least $0.50 before taxes, you earn 10 Tims Rewards points. Unlike many other loyalty programs such as PC Optimum, the number of points does not vary according to your purchases and you cannot get bonus points.

So, no matter how much you pay, each visit gives you 10 points. But if you feel like paying for each Timbit in your box separately, be aware that there must be a minimum of 30 minutes between each purchase to get another 10 points.

Get the app & link your card

But let's start at the beginning. What do you do once you've downloaded the app or opened the web page?

Simply create your account or link a physical membership card if you already have one. It's important to do so, since the rewards require fewer points through the app. Afterwards, all you have to do is accumulate points during each visit and enjoy your reward as soon as it is available.

Do Tims Rewards expire?

Note, however, that points expire after 12 months, so it's best not to delay using them. A user can have a maximum of 20,000 points in their account. But if someone reaches the limit without ever having used their rewards, after 2000 visits in one year… Let's just say that person didn't quite understand the assignment!

Is the physical card still valid?

Some people only have the plastic card for the Tims Rewards program. It is still valid, but there were major changes to the program on October 28, 2020.

If you had earned points before that date, you can only access them by linking the physical card to the mobile app or a digital account. Otherwise, you still continue to earn points on your unlinked card, but you won't be able to claim a reward.

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Why did the old rewards program change?

Since the program changed, it affected members’ points in different ways. The number of points increased for all non-associated cards. So even if you didn't have enough points to earn a reward (a multiple of 120), your balance automatically increased to 120, even if it was only 10 points, or one visit.

Bonus points were available for one year but the reward expired on November 1, 2021. In order to use the other points, you absolutely must link it and be a registered member.

The purpose of the program changes, according to Tim Hortons, is to offer new reward options for its members. They have access to a wider selection of rewards and exclusive offers, which was not the case with the old plastic Tim Connect card.

However, this change also requires members to link their personal information to enjoy the rewards. It is no longer possible to earn rewards anonymously with a card unlinked to a name, a date of birth (only if you want a gift on your birthday, which will be explained later), and an email address. You must accept the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and the Terms and Conditions.

Linking your card to your Tims Rewards account

The steps to follow to link your physical card to your online account are as follows:

On the mobile application :

  • Download the Tim Hortons app
  • Press the “Details” button
  • Enter the 12-digit code from the card in the space provided
  • Click on “Link My Card”
  • Select your reward level in the “Claim” tab

On the website:

  • Create an account with an email address 
  • Link your card with the 12-digit code
  • Choose your reward level

To complete the registration, you will have to click on the link in the confirmation email. You will know that you’ve succeeded if your digital card matches the number on your plastic card. The points accumulated with the card will then be added to your digital account. Once this step is done, members can continue to use only the plastic card, which can be useful for those who do not have a smartphone.

Only one card per account can be linked. If you have two accounts and you try to add the second one, it will replace the first one by deactivating it and you will no longer have access to its points. 

So there is a limit of one account per email address.

Redeeming your Tims Rewards

There are different levels of rewards and different categories. To see your balance, click on the “Details” icon at the top right of the application. If you want to know what you can redeem, click on “Claim” and the scrolling menu will show you all the rewards by category (drinks, pastries, lunch or dinner).

Each reward requires a different number of points depending on the item, ranging from 50 to 220 points. In total, there are 14 reward levels from which you can choose what you like. Here are the details:

CategoriesNumber of pointsRewards
Drinks70 pointsBrewed coffee or tea
Drinks100 pointsHot chocolate, French vanilla, iced coffee
Drinks140 pointsClassic iced capp, frozen beverages, espresso drinks
Baked Goods50 pointsClassic donut, gourmet donut, cookie
Baked Goods70 pointsDream donut, bagel, baked goods
Baked Goods140 pointsBox of 10 Timbits
Breakfast50 pointsHash browns
Lunch140 pointsYogurt and oatmeal
Breakfast180 pointsBreakfast sandwiches
Lunch220 pointsTim B.L.T., farmers’ breakfast sandwiches
Lunch100 pointsPotato wedges
Dinner180 pointsSoups
Dinner220 pointsLunch sandwiches, chili

Check your redemption settings

But be aware that your points will be automatically deducted if you order a product for which you have accumulated enough points. You may not realize that your discount has been applied to your bill.

To avoid this situation, simply check the “Save My Points” box. Otherwise, the default reward selected will be the first of the drinks, a coffee or tea in exchange for 70 points.

If you have to wait a little longer before you can use points to pay for your lunch, you should know that it's worth the wait because you'll get more for your money – or for your freebie!

You'll also earn 10 points even if you use a reward, as long as there is a balance of at least $0.50 before taxes on your bill. If the total does not reach $0.50 before taxes after the discount is applied, no points will be added to your account.

A gift for your birthday

Tim Hortons is offering you to celebrate your birthday with them by giving you a gift. No action is required and you will receive an offer on the app within seven days of your big day.

However, it's important to register your birthday on your account. You have to do it at least seven days before your next birthday and have at least one transaction in the previous 12 months to qualify.

“Tims It Forward”

You can also share the love with “Tims It Forward,” an option to give your points to another person as a gift. Simply choose the reward and enter the recipient's contact information. The person you give your free item to will receive an email with the surprise.

The goal is to continue the tradition of giving back. Think of the person who brings coffee and donuts for all his colleagues, or a driver who also pays the bill for the person behind them at the drive-through. This feature allows you to make a small gesture that can make the day for someone else.

If you are given some points, you will receive an email to let you know. If you are a registered Tims Rewards member, the process could not be simpler. All you have to do is “Accept Gift” in the email and follow the instructions.

If you're still not enrolled in the loyalty program, you can still take advantage of your gift by downloading the app or clicking on the link at the bottom of the email. This will generate a one-time QR code that you can scan at any Tim Hortons location.

Note that the link is valid for six months, but members will have four weeks to claim their gift. In any case, make sure you or your friend get their gift or the points will be gone forever.

Offers to activate

Before you place your order, check out the offers available in the app. You may see offers such as “$2 off when you spend $10 or more”, “2 dinner wraps for $8” or “$3.49 for six assorted donuts”. The offers are available for a few days and their expiration is clearly marked.

Once you've chosen an offer, you need to click on “Activate”, which will add the offer to your account. You just need to make sure that the product is part of your order. When you scan your card or app, the discount will be applied automatically. Note that only one offer, including the highest discount, can be applied per transaction.

Can I order through the app?

It is possible to order take-out or delivery directly in the app (delivery fees and a minimum purchase apply) and you will be able to see what products are available at restaurants near you.

You also have the option to see all the nutritional values for each product you want to order.

If you place a mobile order, you will automatically get the points and will not need to present your QR code when you pick up your order, as long as the amount is a minimum of $0.50 before taxes.

Are Tims Rewards worth it?

In summary, the Tims Rewards program, especially the app, is really worth it; you can take advantage of it even when you go to Tims often and spend very little. If you go every day for a coffee, you will get one free coffee after only seven visits. The program may not be worth it if you only go a few times a year since you need a minimum of five purchases in 12 months to get the minimum reward.

That means Starbucks coffee lovers won't benefit from this program if they only ever visit a Tims when the green Siren cannot be found. In if that's, then you should consider a TD credit card to earn 50% more Starbucks Stars.

If you need help matching your Tims card to the app, you can contact customer service from 8 a.m. to midnight (Eastern Time) at 1-888-601-1616.