Are Aeroplan rewards worth it? There are so many rewards programs that it can be difficult to find your way around. No matter your tastes, shopping habits or passions, there is at least one program that can appeal to you.

If you're always on the lookout for the next destination to discover, or if you often have to travel for work, the Aeroplan rewards program may be just right for you. If you're more of a stay-at-home type, don't worry, you can still find something to enjoy. In fact, there are many programs that allow you to accumulate points and redeem them for a wide range of products and services.

After reading this, you'll know all about the Aeroplan Rewards Program. Happy reading!

What is the Aeroplan Rewards Program?

The Aeroplan Rewards Program has been in existence for many years. However, in order to adapt to the needs of members, the program has been completely redesigned over the past few months.

Previously, the accumulation and redemption of points was in the form of “reward miles” and revolved almost exclusively around travel. Now, members earn “reward points” based on their daily purchases!

Specifically, in November 2020, reward miles became reward points. The transformed Aeroplan program allows you to earn points in more ways than one and is intended to be more advantageous, simple and flexible.  

Moreover, if you have been a member for many years, don't worry, you haven't lost your miles. In fact, they have simply been converted into points. 

Since the program is owned by Air Canada, you can probably guess that there are still many benefits for members when it comes to travelling! In fact, you still have access to several air travel bonuses to help you to discover the world. The program also works with 35 different airline partners. 

The Aeroplan program no longer needs to prove itself. Its members are loyal and generally very satisfied with the benefits and rewards they receive. 

How do I sign up for the Aeroplan Rewards Program?

Becoming a member of the program is easy, fast and free! 

Contrary to what some people think, you don't need an Aeroplan credit card to enjoy the various benefits. Although these cards allow you to earn points more quickly, it is not a requirement for membership.

To sign up, simply go to the program's official website and select “Join Aeroplan”. You will then need to enter some information such as your email address, date of birth, preferred language of correspondence and home address. You will also need to create a password in order to log into your account. It will take approximately one minute to complete the registration process.

Once you have confirmed your identity, you will have access to exclusive offers! 

How do I earn Aeroplan points?

There are so many ways to earn Aeroplan points that it's hard to list them all. Our team has looked into the subject to identify as many as possible. This way, you can earn points quickly and know the most effective methods. 

Booking trips

To start, you earn Aeroplan points every time you book a flight with Air Canada. For all the extras you buy on the plane (food, beverages, duty-free products), you also earn points. 

You earn points at every step of your trip: by booking a flight with one of the Air Canada partner carriers, renting a car, booking a hotel stay or even purchasing a vacation package.

For those of you who are long-term users, it's important to know that your points are now calculated based on the amount you spend, not the number of miles you travel.

Shopping at the online store

As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to earn points in ways other than travelling. One of the ways is through the Aeroplan online store where you can purchase various products from different partners such as SAIL, Sephora, Apple, Amazon and several others.

The accumulation of points depends on the item and the partner. Of course, it is also possible to purchase items with the points you have already accumulated, but we'll come back to that later.

Starbucks or UberEats orders

If “venti caramel macchiato” is part of your vernacular, you'll be happy to know that there's also a partnership between Aeroplan and Starbucks. In fact, you can link your different rewards accounts to enjoy more benefits. 

Get up to 30,000 Membership Rewards points*
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  • Annual fee: $155.88
  • Interest rate on purchase: 20.99%
  • Interest rate on cash advances: 21.99%
Rewards & Perks:
  • 🍴 5x points on eats & drinks
  • 💻 3x points on streaming services
  • ✈️ 2x points on travel & transit
  • 💳 1x points on everything else
Offer: Up to 30,000 Membership Rewards points (average value of $300)
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*Conditions Apply

You can also link your Aeroplan and Uber accounts to earn Aeroplan points on your rides and meal orders with UberEats.

Aeroplan credit card

Finally, if you have an Aeroplan credit card, you are automatically a member of the program and earn points on all your daily purchases made with your account. Some credit cards allow you to enjoy more benefits, we'll look into the best options shortly. 

How to get the most out of your rewards?

To get the most out of your rewards, you need to earn as many points as possible, preferably quickly! In fact, you probably want to earn rewards in as little time as it took you to sign up for the program. Good news, you can!

In fact, as soon as you sign up, you receive promotional offers that allow you to earn points quickly. For example, shortly after one of our team members signed up, he received an email stating that he would receive 500 bonus points if he earned his first point within two weeks. 

To get the most out of your rewards, you should therefore always be on the lookout for the promotional offers you receive.

In addition, it is possible to share your account with your family members. This way, you can exchange your points with each other and get rewards faster.

Finally, the best tip is to sign up for one of the Aeroplan credit cards. This way, you can earn points on all your daily purchases, recurring bill payments, subscriptions, etc.

The different member statuses

Prior to the program's transformation, members were familiar with Air Canada Altitude preferred statuses. In recent months, the focus has shifted to Aeroplan Elite statuses. As before, there are still six different levels: 

  • Basic membership (upon registration)
  • Elite 25k
  • Elite 35k
  • Elite 50k
  • Elite 75k
  • Super Elite
aeroplan cards

By accumulating points, you can access higher statuses. Besides, by possessing one of the Aeroplan credit cards, it becomes much easier to obtain Elite status. As you can now probably see, it's not necessary to have one of the credit cards, but it can be a big advantage if you want to enjoy maximum benefits. 

The higher your Elite status, the more exclusive rewards you can enjoy. To find out the differences between each status, go directly to the Aeroplan benefits page. Among other things, you benefit from access to Maple Leaf lounges in airports, priority contacts, additional baggage allowance, etc.

How do I redeem my Aeroplan points?

Since points can be earned in many different ways, they can also be redeemed in many different ways. We estimate that each Aeroplan point is worth approximately 1.7 cents. However, the value may depend on your redemption method. For example, points are generally worth more if you choose to use them to book an Air Canada flight.

In fact, while it is possible to redeem your points for various products and services, we strongly recommend that you use your points for travel. This is the primary purpose of the Aeroplan Rewards Program. If you're short on points for the flight or vacation package of your choice, you can top up the difference!

To book a flight with your points from an airline partner, simply go to the Air Canada website or the mobile app. You can then access flights from more than 35 airlines. 

You can even redeem your points for upgrades like car rentals, in-flight Wi-Fi access and more!

If you're not really interested in travelling, but you're a member of the program, your points can still be used! You can purchase products from the Aeroplan online store as well as other things. Once again, you can pay in full with your points or only partially. In the latter case, you would then pay the difference in cash.

The other benefits of program membership

The popularity of the Aeroplan Rewards program can be explained by its ease of use and the many benefits members enjoy. It's not just about earning points. 

Account sharing

First of all, in Canada, Aeroplan is the first rewards program designed for families. By creating an account, you can share it with friends and family and redeem points.

Of course, it's important to share your account with people you trust. Indeed, the sharing of points is effective at all times. This means that a user can decide to use points to travel alone. In this situation, the points are then reduced proportionally in all accounts.

Up to eight users can earn points together and share the benefits. If a member has Elite status, all users on the account also have access to the related bonuses. 

Buy, give & transfer Aeroplan points

If you want to earn a reward faster or even give points to your friends and family, you can purchase Aeroplan points. 

Similarly, if you are short on points for a reward, you can ask a friend or family member to share points with you (a fee of two cents per point applies).

Finally, if you have points but don't plan to use them, you can decide to give them away as donations. This is a great way to give back to a charity without having to pay money directly.

Airline companies

It is not possible to mention all the benefits of the program, but it is still important to note that you have access to all available seats on Air Canada flights and can also take advantage of a global network of more than 35 airline partners offering over 1,300 destinations worldwide.

Expiry of your Aeroplan points

Your Aeroplan points expire if your account remains inactive for 18 consecutive months. To prevent this from happening, simply collect or redeem at least one point. 

If, unfortunately, you realize that your points have expired, you should immediately contact Aeroplan Customer Service. If this is the first time this has happened to you and your points expired less than six months ago, you may be able to recover them. 

The best credit cards for earning Aeroplan points

There are several great credit cards that allow you to earn Aeroplan points quickly in addition to enjoying many benefits. To make it easier for you to choose, we've decided to present two of them: the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Credit Card and the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Credit Card.

Aeroplan credit cards allow you to earn points on your daily purchases, allowing you to maximize your rewards. 

To make sure you choose a credit card that really fits your financial needs, we recommend using our credit card comparison tool. It's a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to get recommendations that truly reflect your situation and your expectations.

The TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Credit Card

Annual Fee: $139

Reward Rate: Up to 1.5† Aeroplan Reward Points per dollar spent

Welcome Offer: Up to 50,000† Bonus Aeroplan Reward Points. You must apply by January 3, 2023. †Conditions apply. Visit TD's website for full terms and conditions.

To begin with, the card allows you to earn points based on different categories of purchases. For every dollar you spend with Air Canada, you get 1.5† points. For every dollar you spend on gas or groceries, you also get 1.5† points.

For all other charges to your account, including recurring bill payments†, you earn 1† point for every dollar spent. Finally, when you make a purchase from one of Aeroplan's partners, you earn double† points. This last option also includes purchases made at the Aeroplan online store. 

The card costs $139 per year and interest rates are 20.99% on purchases and balance transfers, and 22.99% for cash advances. There is a $75 annual fee for each card added to the account.

To qualify, you must have an annual income of at least $60,000 per person or $100,000 per household. You must also be a Canadian resident and have reached the age of majority in your province or territory of residence.

Up to 50,000 Aeroplan points as a welcome gift!

Currently, there is a welcome offer that allows you to get up to 50,000 bonus points†. The bonus is earned in different stages. For the first 10,000 points, it is very simple, you just have to make your first purchase with your card†. For an additional 20,000 points, you need to spend a minimum of $1,500 on your account within the first 90 days of receiving your card†.

Finally, to earn the last 20,000 points of the offer, you must spend a minimum of $7,500 in the first year of your membership†. To take advantage of this offer, you must complete your membership application by January 3, 2023. Hurry!

†Conditions apply. Visit TD's website for complete terms and conditions.

Multiple benefits

In addition to earning points quickly, owning this credit card gives you a host of benefits. Among them, the first piece of luggage you check in is free for you, but also for the additional account members and your travel companions. This can apply to up to eight people! You also get free concierge service, access to gourmet events, exclusive benefits at select hotels and tickets to organized events. 

In addition, you get discounts of up to 10% on Avis and Budget car rentals when you are in Canada and the United States. When you are in another country, the discount is about 5%. 

Finally, without even having to pay extra, you benefit from different types of insurance coverage:

  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance
  • Hotel and Motel Burglary Insurance
  • Flight Delay Insurance
  • Delayed or Lost Baggage Insurance

CIBC Aeroplan Visa credit card

cibc visa

Annual fee: none

Rewards: up to one point per dollar spent

Welcome offer: 10,000 Aeroplan Reward Points on your first purchase

The second option we've decided to introduce to you is the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Credit Card. It allows you to earn 1 point for every $1 you spend with Air Canada. When you spend on gas or groceries, you also earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

For all other purchases charged to your account, you earn one point per $1.50 spent. Finally, as with the previous card, you double your points when you make purchases at one of Aeroplan's partners or on the Aeroplan Online Store when you pay with your card and present your Aeroplan membership number.

The card is free and has interest rates of 20.99% on purchases and 22.99% on cash advances and balance transfers (21.99% for Quebec residents). Up to three additional cards can be obtained free of charge to share the account with family members.

To be eligible, you must have a minimum family income of $15,000. You must also be a Canadian resident and have reached the age of majority. Finally, as with any credit application, you must meet the credit score requirements of the bank in question.

For students, there is a version of this card designed for you. The minimum credit limit is $1,000 and there is no minimum income requirement.

10,000 Aeroplan points as a welcome gift

Once again, there's a great welcome offer! You get 10,000 points on your first purchase made with the card. It's that simple! This bonus is worth up to $200. In fact, that's enough to get you a one-way economy ticket on a North American flight (Toronto to New York, for example).  

Among other benefits, the card also entitles you to a free three-month subscription to Uber Pass. This membership includes free delivery on Uber Eats and discounts on your orders. 

Finally, by owning this card, there are several types of insurance coverage included:

  • Auto Rental Collision and Loss Damage Insurance
  • Purchase Security and Extended Protection Insurance
  • Common Carrier Accident Insurance

Our verdict on the Aeroplan Rewards program

Aeroplan has more than proved itself to Canadians, the program has a high popularity rating. It's easy to understand when you know the many benefits. 

If you are a frequent traveller, don't hesitate, this is a rewards program that should more than meet your expectations.

However, if you are thinking of using your points to purchase different products, this may not be the right program for you. 

Summary of the program

How to enroll in the Aeroplan Rewards ProgramThe official Aeroplan website
How to earn Aeroplan PointsBook a flight with Air Canada or another partner airline Vacation packages Car rental Hotels Aeroplan Online Store Using an Aeroplan credit card
Best credit cards to earn Aeroplan Reward PointsTD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* American Express® Aeroplan® CIBC Aeroplan Visa
Member statusElite 25k
Elite 35k
Elite 50k
Elite 75k
Super Elite
Program BenefitsQuick registration Ideal for frequent travellers Ability to earn points quickly with an Aeroplan credit card

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do I need to book a flight for free?

It depends on your destination, the date of booking and several features. Let's say 10,000 points is enough to get you some one-way tickets (example: Toronto to New York).

What is the value of an Aeroplan Point?

The value of an Aeroplan Point is approximately 1.7 cents.

How much are 50,000 Aeroplan points worth?

About $850.

Do Aeroplan points expire?

Yes, after 18 months of inactivity on your account.