At Hardbacon, we provide, first and foremost, a mobile application designed to enable you to analyze your stock market portfolio. Because many Canadians let their savings stagnate in bank accounts, not a day goes by without someone asking me for my opinion. 


In terms of investing, everyone wants to know where to begin. 


Before today, Hardbacon had the answer to this question only for people using an online platform for their investing needs. In fact, a long time ago, we launched a small comparison table of Canadian online brokerages and another table listing Canadian robo-advisors


Many clients have asked us to recommend a financial advisor. I know many advisors who are very smart, but I have never had my own personal financial advisor. Because of this, it's difficult for me to refer people. And even if I had a financial advisor, nothing says they would be the right person for people who ask me for a referral. 


So we decided to build an online directory of financial advisors.


It contains no less than 120,000 advisors from every province in Canada.


You can find a profile for any advisor in Canada by searching the city, area of expertise and by name.


Today the directory is brand-new, so there are few reviews, but you can leave one on any advisor’s profile, just like you can do on Amazon for products, Yelp for restaurants or TripAdvisor for hotels. 


If you already have an advisor, please check them out on our directory and leave a review for them, whether positive or not.


If you’re looking for an advisor, I also invite you to check out the directory. For the time being the information about each advisor is rudimentary, but you can expect to find increasingly more complete content once the advisors beef up their profiles and their clients have left some reviews.


Even in its current state, I consider our financial advisors directory very useful for anyone looking for an advisor. In fact, you should interview several advisors before choosing the one you will invest with. After all, you wouldn’t buy the first house you see on a real estate website…just as you shouldn’t entrust your savings to the first people you meet at a cocktail party.


Are you a financial advisor?


If you’re a financial advisor, I invite you to find your name on our website and claim your advisor profile, so that you can add relevant details about your service offering that will help your ideal clients find you. Claiming your advisor profile is 100% free.


You can also pay a minimal fee of $69 per year to appear at the top of the search results in your city and to be able to get the email addresses of potential clients, as well as adding a video and participating in Hardbacon’s client referral program, which we will unveil very soon.