Hardbacon's mission is to make it easier for regular people to access the world of investing. In fact, our mobile application provides tools and financial data to small investors that were previously reserved for the elite.


To complete our seed round, it was only natural for us to look to FrontFundr, a platform through which all Canadians can invest in our company as of today.


However, when it comes time to raise capital, start-ups like Hardbacon are turning almost exclusively to investors who are part of the elite: mostly venture capital funds and wealthy individuals. It must be said that investing in start-ups is, in general, much riskier than investing in the stock market.


Nevertheless, the vast majority of the population simply does not have access to this type of investment. What's more, start-ups are waiting longer and longer before going public. With an average of 12 years between the founding of a company and its IPO, stock investors are getting to the party even later than before.


All this to say that I welcome the rise of platforms like FrontFundr, which enable everyday Canadians to invest in start-ups through its online platform.


After a successful $250,000 pre-seed round on Gotroo in 2018, in which no less than 361 investors became Hardbacon shareholders, it was natural for us to launch our next round on FrontFundr to help us finance our move to B2B.


Since we are doing this with an offering memorandum, residents of all Canadian provinces can now invest in Hardbacon. It's important for us because our mobile app has users across Canada, and we know our users are the first people wishing to invest.


So I invite you to check out our FrontFundr campaign, as well as watch the video below, in which we introduce you to the company and the purpose of this round.