The ability to set up alerts is one of our users’ most often requested features.


It's far from being the only major Hardbacon update you can download from the App Store and Google Play, but it's one that I'm sure will make a lot of our subscribers happy.


The app's new Alert Centre notifies you when a stock or ETF goes above or below a user-set threshold.


Our users may can also be notified when a dividend is paid into their account, or when their liquid assets exceed a given amount.


Users can choose to be notified by email or push notification, or by both.


Subscribers can therefore use the feature to manage securities that are already in their portfolio.


It can also be used to obtain purchase signals related to securities that a user does not yet have in their portfolio because they find them too expensive, for example.


To give you an example, let's say I love Constellation Software Inc. because of its steady growth and solid management. The company's stock is trading at $1200 at the time of writing, with a price-earnings ratio of 50. Now, let's say I think the fair value of the company, though admirable, is $500 and not $1200 per share. I could add Constellation Software Inc. to my alerts, and set up an alert that would trigger if the stock trades at $500 or less.


If the stock ever reaches this price level, I will receive an email and/or a push notification on my phone, which allows me to decide if I want to buy shares in the company at this price.


Alerts related to securities already in the portfolio, on the other hand, can be used for both buy or sell signals.


Liquidity alerts are useful for any investor who wants to avoid having too much money in their brokerage account, since it does not generate any return.


Lasty, why did we add dividend alerts? To be honest, it's mainly because it's always nice to be paid to do nothing, to get paid simply because you own shares. Also, we thought that in a world full of bad news and worrisome signals, it would be cool to have this type of notification.


If you want to get paid simply because you own shares, download Hardbacon, available on App Store and Google Play.