You do not need a PHD in math to do this calculation, but you have to admit that the calculation of sales taxes in Quebec can be confusing when using a regular calculator app.

The formula looks like this:

Amount including taxes = Amount before taxes * 1.05 + Amount before taxes * 0.09975

All of this to say we just launched a very simple iPhone app that does only one thing: calculate sales taxes in Quebec, without trying to find any meaning to all these damn taxes. If you're living in another province, don't worry, we'll launch similar apps for other provinces too. 

Do not wait any longer! Download our Quebec Sales Tax Calculator!

You can also use our sales Canadian sales tax calculator online.

To be completely honest, we developed this app to promote Hardbacon: Invest like a pro, but it is really useful. I have already used it a few times since I installed it on my phone.

Even though most of our development efforts are going towards improving our flagship app, we might launch other small apps that are useful (and easy to develop). If you have suggestions, feel free to share them on social media using the hashtag #NextHardbaconApp.