Since entering the New York Stock Exchange on December 12, 1980, Apple’s share price has exploded by 51,473%, going from $0.51 a share to $276.28 at the opening of markets today.

If you had invested in Apple instead of spending your money on a MacBook Pro 10 years ago, you would have accumulated $24,020.00, according to our calculations.

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A closer examination

A little research reveals that the original 2010 purchase price of a MacBook Pro was $2,799. I'm not talking about the entry-level MacBook Pro here, but a real war machine in its time with a 17-inch screen and a 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

By purchasing this laptop in April 2010, you would have invested $2,799 in Apple. Rather than giving this money to the American company as a customer, you could have become an owner. On April 21, 2010, Apple shares were trading at $37.04 at the close of the New York Stock Exchange. Since that date, Apple has recorded a total return (dividends plus capital appreciation) of 758%. Your $2,799.00 investment would thus be worth $24,020.

Apple’s exceptional stock market journey

The tech giant has collected many financial performance records. One such record is that it was the first publicly-traded company to surpass the $1 trillion market cap mark. Before Amazon and Microsoft, Apple was the first company to enter the very tight circle of companies whose market capitalization exceeded a billion dollars.

Just last year in 2019, Apple earned more equity than any other company in history, said Richard Henderson, a reporter for the Financial Times.

Apple’s remarkable performance has been fueled by its products, which have attracted millions of customers. The enthusiasm Apple creates around its products has enabled the company to generate record profits. In fact, loyal customers care little about the price when it comes to buying an Apple product.

I can’t talk about Apple without noting the key role that the company’s leaders have played. It’s no secret that Steve Jobs was a real entrepreneurial icon whose innovative vision enabled Apple to reach new heights. He was followed by Tim Cook, who is taking wonderful care of the company and has increased Apple's market valuation by more than $1 trillion since he became CEO in 2011. 

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