In the field of finance, there are so many blogs online that it can be difficult to know which ones to read, as an investor. That's why I’ve selected five American financial bloggers that you absolutely must follow.


Barry Ritholtz


Barry Ritholtz is the Director of Investments at Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC, and administers a blog called The Big Picture. Each week, Ritholtz publishes various content on his blog. This includes videos, charts and comments about the financial markets, so it is very close to the financial news. In addition, every Tuesday morning he publishes a column called “10 Tuesday AM Reads” that summarizes the latest financial news and stories.


Ben Carlson


Ben Carlson is a portfolio manager and edits the blog A Wealth of Common Sense. This blog focuses on the markets, investments, wealth management and investor psychology. Carson specializes in financial literacy, and in his articles he explains financial concepts to novice investors. In addition, he addresses offbeat topics in his blog that are fun and always very interesting. This blog is ideal for independent investors who want to improve their knowledge.


Michael Batnick


Michael Batnick is the Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management, and is the author of a blog called The Irrelevant Investor. This blog analyzes market variations and historical data. His most popular content is “Today in Market History”, in which he looks back at historical financial facts and puts them into parallel with the current markets. In his articles, he reviews the latest IPOs and analyzes a wide variety of stocks, always with an original angle.


Jacob Wollinsky


Jacob Wollinsky is the founder and CEO of This website provides financial analysis as well as articles from other blogs. There are several publications per day on the site, including useful resources, stories, lists of books, etc. is the perfect tool for those who are looking for financial news and information about major financial concepts.


Cliff Asness


Cliff Asness works for AQR Capital Management and is the author of a blog called Cliff's Perspectives. This blog is less active than the previous ones, however, Asness provides rich, sometimes very technical content. In his articles, he discusses topics ranging from investor psychology to portfolio analysis. This blog is ideal for independent investors who want to go further and give their investments a new dimension.


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