One of the quickest ways to pick up a new skill is by watching and learning from successful people. Doing this allows you to learn from their mistakes and also hear tips that you wouldn’t otherwise have known. All of this can help reduce your own learning curve. Luckily, personal finance, money management, and stock picking are all skills that you can be learned. And, there are hundreds of stock picking blogs out there to learn from. By reading through these blogs you’ll be able to copy other people’s successes and learn from their failures. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 15 best Canadian stock-picking blogs.

Personal Finance Freedom

If you are looking for a stock-picking blog that has an entirely different perspective from most then Personal Finance Freedom is a great place to start. That’s because this blog isn’t written by your typical money-manager-turned-blogger. It’s not even written by a native English speaker. The author, named Sagar, emigrated to the U.S. from India in 2015 with his family and now works as an I.T. software consultant. On the side, he enjoys writing about the financial world, capital markets, and investments. He states that he started investing when he was just 12 yeast old and has loved it ever since. Also, don’t let “non-native English speaker” deter you as Sagar’s writing is very comprehensible.

My Road To Wealth And Freedom

My Road To Wealth And Freedom is a great blog to check out if you like first-person style blogs. This blog is written by a husband and father of two who writes under the alias “Gen X Investor”. In his own words, he’s “one regular middle-class guy trying to do the right thing when it comes to money matters”. One of the best perks of first-person blogs is that they’re usually written by people in “normal” situations. This is not some financial guru that is sharing “stock secrets” with you. Gen X Investor is just a working-class guy who routinely shares how much passive he earns and how he earns it. He’s very open about his finances but also doesn’t want to brag. He’s just hoping that others will learn from his experiences.

Our Life Financial

The voice behind Our Life Financial is a woman named Melissa. Melissa and her husband live in Ontario and frequently publish updates about their monthly passive income. They earn passive income through a combination of dividend payments and real estate. She admits that they didn’t know much about investing when they first started their journey. But, now they are savvy when it comes to being a landlord and investing in the stock market. Melissa shares personal stories in hopes that they will be an inspiration to others on their financial journey.

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Passive Income Earner

The author behind Passive Income Earner actually goes by a few pseudonyms. On Motley Fool Canada and Sure Dividend she goes by her real name, Kay Ng. And, on Seeking Alpha, she goes by Canadian Dividend Growth Investor. On Passive Income Earner, she shares her experiences and mistakes related to her investing journey. She also writes about different investing concepts that she comes across while reading articles or books. Kay has been writing on Passive Income Earner since 2013 (9 years).

The Dividend Ninja

The Dividend Ninja started taking more control over their investments after the 2008 Financial Crisis. This crisis prompted them to become much more concerned over their holdings. After doing some research, dividend investing seemed like the best path forward. Hence the name, Dividend Ninja. This investor is very anti-mutual funds and believes that you can get better results by investing in low-cost index funds. His three steps for building wealth are asset allocation, building a core of index funds, and investing in dividend stocks.

Personal Finance Expert

Lots of personal finance sites can tend to reuse the same concepts. Personal Finance Expert wants to change this stigma by experimenting with new personal finance ideas and sharing the results. In fact, the author even refers to themselves as a finance “Lab Manager”. This brings images of a scientist discovering new things. On that note, the author is sure to state that nothing on their site should be construed as financial advice as it’s all experimental. 

Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement

Like most financial bloggers, the author of Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement aspires to be financially free. They don’t necessarily want to “retire young” because they are the type that always wants to be working on something. This blog is most well known for its Canadian Dividend All-Star List. This is a comprehensive list of every single Canadian stock that has increased its dividend for 5+ years. If you are interested in dividend investing then this is an incredibly valuable resource that can save you tons of time.


StockTrades.CA is a self-proclaimed “BS-Free Zone”. This means that it is free of fancy suits and gimmicky videos. Instead, StockTrades is a site for Canadians looking to retire early and beat inflation. The site was founded by Daniel Kent and Dylan Callaghan in 2016. A few of the topics that they cover are Canadian stocks, ETFs, financial guides, retirement, and product reviews.

Canadian Investor 

Canadian Investor is much more of a full-blown financial news site as opposed to a personal blog. This means that you will miss out on the personal feel that most other blogs on this list have. But, it also means that Canadian Investor is loaded with much more information than a personal blog. Canadian Investor publishes articles on dozens of topics. In particular, it has sections for cannabis, mining, and technology stocks. Regardless of what your interests are, Canadian Investor is worth a visit.

ValueTrend’s Blog

ValueTrend is an investment fund that manages over $150 million. The founder, Keith Richards, is very critical of commission-based investing. He doesn’t believe that stock pickers should win while their clients lose. That’s why he started ValueTrend. ValueTrend uses investment analysis that’s built on safety, accountability, and convenience. To do this, they use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. If you are a fan of technical analysis then you’ll definitely want to check out ValueTrend’s blog.


Moneymaaster is written by a man named Jordan who is a fan of sports, whiskey, and finance. He uses Moneymaaster to track his own financial goals, review financial products, and jot down his general thoughts related to personal finance. As far as his investment strategy, he likes to buy good companies that are valued fairly cheaply. He also prefers stocks that have a history of growing dividends and earnings. He is very transparent with his investments and routinely updates a section that outlines his own holdings. 

Simply Investing

Kanwal Sarai is a former software engineer-turned-investing-pro. After getting married, Kanwal realized that his day job wouldn’t be enough to support his new family. He started investing in dividends and, 20 years later, has left his day job and is able to work on Simply Investing full time. A big part of Simply Investing is education. In addition to blog articles, you can check out resources like investing courses, seminars, a newsletter, and even a personal assessment.

Money, Eh?

Money, Eh? Believes that most personal finance sites are designed to lure in readers and profit from them in some way. It wants to go against this stigma by providing 100% transparent investing strategies. The authors, John Roberts and Marc Challande, are sure to state that all of their analysis is subjective. Money, Eh? is a combination between an investing site and a personal finance site. Its got tons of information on investing in Canadian stock exchanges. But, it also goes into detail on topics like credit, saving, spending, debt, taxes, and more.

The Motley Fool Canada

The Motley Fool is one of the internet’s biggest hubs for information on stock market information. Now, it even has a section that is specifically for Canadian investors. If you are new to investing then the Motley Fool is a great place to start. This is because its got seemingly endless information on stocks, investing, and personal finance. A few things that make this site unique are its sections on trending stocks and “all-in buy” alerts. On top of this, The Motley Fool also offers premium services. These services mainly include sending you high-conviction stock picks each month for an annual fee. Keep in mind that if any of their stock picks pay off then it could make you more money than the service costs you.

My Own Advisor

My Own Advisor is one of the best resources for Canadians looking to learn from an investor using dividend stock investing to reach financial independence. The author of My Own Advisor currently invests 7 figures of his own money and has nearly reached his goal of living off dividends. According to his site, he’s 80% of the way there. He wants to pay it forward by sharing all of his insights for free on My Own Advisor. This includes education on things like dividend-paying stocks for income, low-cost ETFs for growth, and even a free newsletter with investing insights.

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