Sonnet Insurance wants to make your life easier because buying insurance is often a task at which people recoil. Trying to find the insurance company with the best rates and most extensive coverage can be a huge time suck. To make matters worse, buying insurance often goes along with some of life’s most stressful events, like moving or buying a car.

You already have enough on your plate. Adding piles of paperwork and meetings with an insurance advisor to your to-do list just makes matters worse. Sonnet Insurance has developed its business around ending the dreaded insurance process by creating a fast, simple, and convenient online platform for its insurance policies.

What is Sonnet Insurance?

Sonnet is a Canadian insurance company revolutionizing the insurance field. As the world becomes increasingly digital, Sonnet has stepped up to the challenge by becoming Canada’s first completely digital company for both home insurance and auto insurance.

Sonnet aims to simplify the insurance process with customized plans that always focus on transparency. It has recently won numerous awards, including the People’s Choice Insurance Canada Technology Award, Guidewire Innovation Award, and the Bronze for Innovation in Customer Service.

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What makes Sonnet Insurance special

Sonnet Insurance is a leader in the online insurance field. It uses data and analytics to make the insurance application process quick and hassle-free. Sonnet boasts processing times as fast as 5 minutes, meaning you can skip the lengthy in-office chats, paperwork, and haggling that often comes with traditional insurance providers.

Its online portal lets you get a quote, buy, and manage your Sonnet Insurance policy securely from anywhere.The insurance provider also has excellent customer experience feedback. Customers love the accessible platform Sonnet Insurance offers. It is hard to argue with a reported 91% customer satisfaction score!

Speaking with an insurance representative

Sonnet Insurance customers can receive a quote and purchase insurance entirely online. This process does not need to involve any Sonnet Insurance representatives unless you want it to. For those who prefer to speak to someone about the Sonnet Insurance process, there is also help for you.

Sonnet Insurance Advisors are available through email, chat, or phone to discuss your insurance options and answer all your questions. The advisors of Sonnet Insurance are fully-licensed insurance agents, so you can be sure you are in good hands.

Accessibility at Sonnet Insurance

Unfortunately, Sonnet Insurance is not available to all Canadians. As of 2022, they do not serve the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, or any of the territories.

Sonnet Insurance policies for home and auto are available in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI. British Columbia residents are only eligible for home insurance policies with Sonnet Insurance.

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Get multiple home insurance quotes in minutes
Compare home insurance in Canada
You could save hundreds of dollars each year when you compare prices before insuring your home.
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Different types of insurance offered

Sonnet Insurance’s most notable offerings are its home and auto insurance policies, but they also have other policies available, too. Condo, tenant, landlord, and pet insurance are also available through Sonnet Insurance. These insurance options are only available in certain provinces, so check that the policy is eligible in your area.

Sonnet’s auto insurance policies are standard and offer coverage for collisions, liability concerns, and accident benefits and forgiveness. Sonnet also offers rental vehicle insurance and roadside assistance.

Coverage is based on your vehicle’s replacement value. The insurance provider will also waive your insurance deductible in the case of a hit-and-run accident.

Sonnet’s home insurance also offers standard coverage along with other coverage for some extreme weather events. A big perk to Sonnet Insurance coverage is that they forgive your first home insurance claim.

This “first claim forgiven” offer is a big deal because claims on your insurance will be marked on your account and could increase your rates. Sonnet also waives the deductible for insurance claims of $10,000 or more, excluding earthquake claims.

How to apply for Sonnet Insurance

The application process for Sonnet Insurance is extremely convenient. You just need to head to the Sonnet Insurance website, select “get a quote,” and answer some questions. The application questions will include what type of insurance you are looking for and the uses of your property or vehicle.

For example, renting your home or running a business out of your home may affect your policy. The auto insurance application will ask for the make and model of your vehicle, whether or not you use winter tires, and other essential information.

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Once you fill out the application form, you will receive a quote generated by Sonnet’s algorithm. You don’t need to fill out tons of documents. Sonnet’s data and analytics will help gather all the information it needs for your policy. From there, you can save your quote and return to it later, or purchase a Sonnet Insurance policy immediately.

The online purchasing process is simple and works the same as buying any other product online. Sonnet advertises a secure, safe payment platform via credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Amex) or through a PayPal account. Sonnet utilizes multifactor authentication to ensure a secure payment process.

One big perk of Sonnet’s online insurance process is that there is no waiting period for your coverage to begin. Your Sonnet Insurance policy will come into effect on whatever day you requested in your application. That means you can apply for same-day coverage if you need it.

Get multiple home insurance quotes in minutes
Compare home insurance in Canada
You could save hundreds of dollars each year when you compare prices before insuring your home.
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Insurance rates

Of course, no matter how convenient Sonnet’s online platform is, customers want to know how much it costs. Luckily, Sonnet Insurance is not only convenient but also affordable.

The median cost of Sonnet’s home insurance is $1,171 per year. Auto insurance with Sonnet averages $1,706 per year. Comparison tools for home and auto insurance can help you understand where Sonnet Insurance stacks up against the competition in terms of affordability.

Another advantage to Sonnet is that the company ensures transparency throughout the insurance application process. Advertising yearly insurance rates directly on its website is not something all other insurance companies do.

Sonnet wants to inform its customers every step of the way. Sonnet will also make you aware of any down payments or additional upfront costs needed for your policy. You won’t have to dig through the fine print or grab a financial dictionary to understand how your policy works and how much it costs.

Getting the best rate

Sonnet Insurance rates are already competitive, but the insurer may offer you more discounts through some of Sonnet’s promotional offers. The easiest way to get a deal on your insurance policy is by bundling your home and auto insurance.

Sonnet offers a discount of up to 20% when you choose to bundle. You can also receive discounts for belonging to a group partnered with Sonnet Insurance.

Check to see if your employer has a connection to Sonnet and offers bulk discounts to employees. Canadian university alums may also be eligible for discounts if your alma mater has partnered with Sonnet Insurance.

Sonnet Connect

Getting an insurance policy through Sonnet also gives you access to the Sonnet Connect platform. Sonnet Connect is a rewards program for Sonnet Insurance customers that gives you some discounts, personalized content, and other rewards from Sonnet’s partner companies. Some of Sonnet’s partners include Nissan, CarFax, TurboTax, and Wealthsimple. The discounts aren’t huge, but every little bit adds up!

Pros of Sonnet Insurance

All in all, getting a policy with Sonnet Insurance has many positives. The completely digital application process is very convenient and fast. The speed of approval for an insurance policy with Sonnet means you could have same-day coverage if needed.

Sonnet’s rates are relatively affordable, and its policies are easily customizable if you want to add more coverage. Sonnet’s loyalty program, Sonnet Connect, also offers discounts on other quality-of-life products through Sonnet’s partners.

Cons of Sonnet Insurance

If you prefer meeting insurance advisors face to face, you probably won’t like Sonnet’s 100% online process. Meeting a company representative in person can form a sense of trust with your insurance provider, so it is understandable if buying insurance online is not your cup of tea.

Although Sonnet boasts a 91% customer satisfaction rate on its website, they do have some mixed reviews online. You can't always trust online reviews, but they might be good to keep in mind if you are already on the fence about Sonnet Insurance. Also, Sonnet Insurance is only available in a select number of provinces, which limits the number of Canadians who can access coverage.


Sonnet could be the dream insurance company for those ready to say goodbye to in-person meetings, phone tag, and tons of paperwork. With policies for homeowners, car users, renters, condo owners, landlords, and pets, there isn’t much that Sonnet Insurance doesn’t cover.

Make sure to check if you are eligible for savings through groups like employers and universities. Always do your research to decide if an insurance company is suitable for your needs. Sonnet Insurance is an excellent option for most insurance requirements, and the online platform just makes the company that much more appealing.

FAQs About Sonnet Insurance

Who owns Sonnet Insurance?

Sonnet Insurance is owned by the larger insurance company, Economical Insurance, also known as the Definity Insurance Company. The parent company has been in business since 1871 and has grown significantly in that time. Economical Insurance is also associated with Family Insurance Solutions (a home and auto insurance company in British Columbia) and Petline Insurance. Petsecure and Peppermint are also brands of Petline Insurance, which is the insurance underwriter for Sonnet’s pet insurance policies.

Why is Sonnet insurance so cheap?

The most likely reason for Sonnet Insurance’s low prices is that the company has no physical buildings to upkeep and fewer employees. These savings come from Sonnet’s totally digital insurance policy platform. Not needing to have employees physically available at an office location saves money on rent, power, repairs, etc. The Sonnet algorithm is also highly efficient and quick, meaning less time is spent on each policy application, and of course, time is money. Sonnet also values price transparency, which means they might avoid extra fees that other banks may try to charge you at the last second.

How do I contact Sonnet Insurance?

There are multiple ways to contact Sonnet Insurance. The simplest way is to click the “need help?” button in the right-hand corner under the Support page on the Sonnet website. Clicking this button will connect you with a chat robot that can answer some of your simple questions, or you can also ask to be directed to a live agent. You can also email Sonnet through the website or call a Sonnet representative through the number provided online. Sonnet has a 24/7 emergency claims support service if you have an incident you need to report right away.

If you have questions but would rather not speak with a Sonnet Insurance representative, you can also check out the FAQ page on the Sonnet website. The FAQ page is highly detailed, with different categories for questions on quoting, purchasing, accounts, policy and coverages, payments, claims, renewal and cancellation, group insurance, and other inquiries.

Is Sonnet Insurance legit?

Sonnet Insurance is a legitimate insurance company owned by the well-known insurance company Economical Insurance. Sonnet was founded in 2016, so they have been around for six years with no significant issues. Sonnet is federally regulated, meaning the company is held to the Canadian government’s high standards for insurance companies. Sonnet also takes pride in using language and terminology that is easy to understand, so customers know what they are signing up for. 

Is Sonnet home insurance good?

Sonnet’s home insurance policies cover many different scenarios. Standard options include liability insurance (in case you get sued for an incident that occurred in your home) and protection of your dwelling and detached structures like sheds or garages. Personal belongings are also covered (even when you are travelling) and expenses incurred for shelter (for example, staying in a hotel) after your home suffers damage.

Sonnet Insurance is also easily customizable. If you want extra protection, you can include additional coverage for damage caused by events like a sewer backup, flooding, hail, and earthquakes. Be sure to read the clauses for extra insurance coverage carefully, as you may not be eligible for events like flooding if you already live in an area with a high risk of flooding.

Choosing an insurance company is a personal experience. What makes an insurance company good for one person may not be what another person is interested in. Sonnet Insurance will probably be a good choice for you if you are looking for general coverage with affordable rates. If you are looking for the absolute cheapest option, or an insurance plan with lots of coverage for unique needs, you may be better off with another company. Some online forums don’t have the best reviews for Sonnet, while others love their Sonnet Insurance experience. Be sure to compare your home insurance options and do your research to understand what you need in an insurance company.

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