Tiktok is life for a lot of people, and it's full of content creators offering suggestions on all aspects of finance. They can't call it actual advice for legal reasons but we can call them Fintokers!  Financial Tiktokers centre their content around a few major areas in the finance niche: getting started with stocks and investments, wealth and lifestyle, financial freedom and independence.

Canadian Fintokers are everywhere, sharing how they achieved financial freedom through various avenues such as affiliate marketing, mining cryptocurrencies, or day trading on the stock market. It may not be called advice but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth a look. Here's a list of 20 Canadian Ticktok financiers who should be on your For You Page (FYP).


@officialstock regularly shows how much money he’s losing. It’s kind of funny, but also makes me appreciate him more because he doesn’t hide his losses. He’s that authentic.

On TikTok, he gives stock and day trading advice mostly surrounding investing tips. Another theme of his channel is how he dropped out of Harvard to pursue day trading full-time. His videos show how he’s made over $1 million after four years of day trading.

Followers: 61.6K

Content: Day trading, stocks


@sarafinance offers tips on stocks, investing, online businesses, and real estate. On Tiktok, she provides examples from her own life about her successes and failures. Her methods of income include Shopify, stocks, and real estate. She has a few free online classes on the stock market, as well as starting and running online businesses.

Followers: 714.6K

Content: Online business, real estate, investing


@firstcallfinance offers Tiktok tidbits like the difference between certain investments, how a $400,000 house is much better than a $400,000 car, which books changed his life, how much to invest if you want to retire a multimillionaire, etc. He also provides advice on making money through various internet side-hustles. Some of these, he claims, can earn you a couple of hundred dollars in an hour.

Followers: 60.0K

Content: Online revenue streams, marketing


Crypto Mining! Crypto Mining! Crypto Mining! @cryptocita explains how to build a crypto mining rig and why Bitcoin is so popular. Are you a crypto-critic? Move on, hater. This Tiktok crypto maximalist is not here for your FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). 

Followers: 719.4K

Content: Cryptocurrency, crypto mining


On Tiktok, he educates people on how to choose stock and how to choose public businesses to buy into based on more than just their quarterly earnings reports and short-term numbers. A lot of it seems intimidating and very research-heavy. @dailystocktalk is basically giving you the nightly news highlights of stocks and business stories relating to stocks.

Followers: 65.5K

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Content: Stocks, Bitcoin, long-term investing


She states clearly that she is not giving financial advice. She’s just a Tiktok master sharing her insights on being smart with money, investing, and wealth. @passionstoprofits also earns income through online businesses including Dropshipping, Shopify, investments, and more.

Followers: 26.1K

Content: Real estate, stocks, money hacks


@jollygreeninvestor gives not-financial advice on up-and-coming stocks, investment hacks, cryptocurrency and more. He offers plenty of explanations for complicated topics which you don’t have to be a digital finance guru to understand. But a total newbie might feel very lost. 

Followers: 293.2K

Content: Stocks, cryptocurrency, NFTs


@jonerlichman provides information on stocks and the valuation of companies. Cryptocurrency is his specialty. He makes a lot of videos showing what a relatively low amount of money invested in the giants of the stock market several years ago would be worth today.

Followers: 55.5K

Content: Crypt currency, stocks, wealth


@lovingnotworking offers classes on making a passive income through cryptocurrency. She also posts short interviews where a man asks random strangers “What was the best financial decision you ever made?” A lot of her videos are aimed at encouraging people to join her classes.

Followers: 100.8K

Content: Teaches classes on investing and cryptocurrency


Wealth advice is the main focus of this channel. @themoneychannel discusses property buying, financing vs. leasing vehicles, credit scores, and tax breaks. At almost 250K followers, you should probably take a peek for yourself. 

Followers: 248.9K followers

Content: Entrepreneurship, credit, financial education


@sommarproductions offers a “business builders” course that claims to help people learn high-income skills and eventually become financially independent through affiliate marketing. He also provides general wealth advice that is down-to-earth and realistic for most people regardless of their current financial position. Looking for accessible ways to pad your pocket? Start here. 

Followers: 20.2K

Content: Making money on the side, working from home, affiliate marketing


@makemoneywithdani3.0 offers advice on making relatively easy money online through affiliate marketing or other internet jobs. She also has a low-cost course to teach people how to make money as an affiliate marketer advertising a 75% commission rate. If you’re looking to build passive income streams, she offers great resources. 

Followers: 62.2K

Content: Affiliate marketing, making money on the internet


@genzmoneyy makes videos about the performance of stocks, specifically tech companies and cryptocurrency. He offers suggestions, not financial advice, for day trading on specific stocks including how they behave and why. If you’re interested in fundamental analysis, look no further. 

Followers: 37K

Content: Stocks, investing, cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is the main focus of @theniftyinvestor’s content. He releases news, updates, suggestions, and request-for-comment videos for his audience regularly. This guy is tuned in to the crypto world while also making videos about penny stocks and potentially lucrative investments.

Followers: 146.1K

Content: Play-and-earn games, stocks, bitcoin, cryptocurrency


@rosanna.rose makes wealth and lifestyle videos advertising affiliate marketing as the best way for anyone to start earning a passive income and diversify their income streams. She also has a few videos showing her investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is a great account if you’re curious about crypto and other income opportunities.

Followers: 54.9K

Content: Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, money tips, affiliate marketing


This TikTok creator is all about affiliate marketing and teaching people to do what she does. She offers multiple online classes and regularly shares tips to help interested beginners. She claims these online businesses changed her life and freed her from a dead-end job. Now she wants to share that information with you too. 

Followers: 503.3K followers

Content: Affiliate marketing, financial freedom


@mr.investr is all about sharing investment tips for day-traders. He doesn't normally call out specific companies or stocks so that people will buy them, rather he uses the performance of stocks to teach vital concepts about the stock market to his viewers. This is a great resource for learning more about how the stock market works and fundamental analysis

Followers: 87.4K

Content: Stocks and investing tips


Day trades and education are this TikToker's bread and butter for making videos. @liamhadall shows his stock market trades, successes, failures, and all while trying to teach his viewers how effective day trading can be. He's not a crypto guy, admitting that he prefers stocks. So, if you like cryptocurrency, @liamhadall isn't for you.

Followers: 14.3K

Content: Investing and trading tips


@investing_with_mike is all about stock and investing advice. He rarely, if ever, posts actual stock performance metrics. Rather, he explains stock, investment, and credit score tips while sharing his own stock picks. 

Followers: 78.6K

Content: Financial education, stock tips


This TikToker focuses on investment and stock advice that's not actually advice. He also makes videos on wealth showing how much a $1,000 investment in the stock market a year ago would be worth based on which stock you purchased. These types of videos offer perspective and act as a call to action for viewers who may be interested in capitalizing on the next big stock opportunity.

Followers: 31.5K

Content: Investing, stocks, long-term investing

Why follow financial Tiktokers? 

Curating this list, I felt overwhelmed by the unending depth of digital financial knowledge I never knew existed. It's like I was a child staring into the night sky and understanding for the first time that all those stars are very very very far away from each other and me. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the daily grind, financial anxiety and pressures of adulting, these Tiktokers could help you break free. Or at the very least, they could help you find some stability.  

Financial literacy is the most powerful resource you have. With all the amazing, free content available at the touch of a button or through a podcast, there is no excuse not to educate yourself. Tiktok offers a vast universe of untapped resources. Your ticket to wealth could already be in the palm of your hand. Check out the financier whose topic or idiom suits you best, and learn all you can. Maybe financial independence is easier to achieve and closer than we think.


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