While people often read less books nowadays with things like podcasts around, there is still a lot of value that can come from reading a good book. Especially in the world of personal finance and investing, there have been a number of people out there that have helped people in a big way with their finances. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best finance books that you should definitely have on your shelves.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book is all about getting your money to work for you, and building wealth. It will help you become more financially intelligent so you can eventually become financially independent, start a business, or simply increase your aptitude. The author of the book, Robert Kiyosaki, also speaks about examples and stories from his own personal lives that help to paint a picture and helps you relate more to the book.

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The Intelligent Investor

Originally published way back in 1949, the Intelligent Investor is almost like the Bible for value investors. The book inspired millions of people throughout the years to get into the stock market and was written by one of the best investor of the last century, Benjamin Graham. Graham's philosophy revolved around value investing, and is all about finding bargains on the stock market and avoiding losses. The book is full of great advices and should be on your shelf no matter what.

The Millionaire Next Door

When most of us think of millionaires, we think about lavish homes and nice cars. However, The Millionaire Next Door busts that stereotype wide open. This book is a culmination of research and case studies of millionaires all over the USA. The research found that most millionaires are living among us and you would never know they are that rich just by looking at them. The book is full of good tips such as spending less than you earn, and not buying expensive things for status's sake. It also goes over different traits that many millionaires have. Overall, it is a great way to learn more about those who are wealthy, how they got that way, and how you could possibly join them.

The Wealthy Barber

The Wealthy Barber is a book that millions of people purchased to educate themselves on finance. The book uses fictional characters to convey financial advice. It was written by David Chilton, who might be known to some as one of the investors on Dragon's Den. The book covers everything from how much to save, how to invest, buying a home, spending and saving and much more. It is a great introductory look at almost everything you need to be financially intelligent. There is also an updated version of this book called the Wealthy Barber Returns, which is full of more great tidbits of information and is definitely worth a read as well.

The Essays of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people on the planet, so it makes sense that millions of people want to hear about his philosophy and wisdom on finance. This book is a compilation of many of his different writings and releases. It provides his philosophy on business, finance, and life itself. Even Buffett himself loves this book and calls it “a coherent rearrangement of ideas from my annual report letters”. If you want to learn from one of the best investors in history, do yourself a favour and pick this book up.


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