What compels you to open a newsletter? The quality of its content? Its relevance in your life? The ease with which the right amount of information falls on your lap? Instead of letting you swim through a sea of financial information and risk getting swept away, passionate and sympathetic writers are here to prepare newsletters for you. What are the must reads in Quebec and elsewhere?

The basics of a newsletter that stands out

A well conceived newsletter is personalized enough that you’d believe it was written specifically just for you, or almost. On top of offering content that is specific to your personal financial situation, it defines itself through the expertise of its team, their writing and their practical advice.

Is there a newsletter that caters to your interests? One that focuses on saving and investing? Or on debt management? Probably! We spotted quite a few in Quebec, and if you can read English, tens of others from our neighbors. Once you find your own, acquiring financial knowledge is quick and easy.

Inspiring and Made in Quebec newsletters

We often hear that Quebecers are less interested or worried about their finances than other Canadians. Léger polls have been saying so for years and their data has been used in the book Code Québec, which paints a portrait of our culture. However, we are witnessing an important movement to promote improvement of financial literacy in the province. Those who created the following newsletters spotted that need and answered it brilliantly!

Liberté 45

Level/audience : Motivated beginner, entrepreneur at heart

Price : 108 $ a year

Frequency : Weekly (on Sunday) (on Saturday)

Let’s face it, it is smart to have taken the title of a popular book written by an equally famous columnist! This newsletter, created by young local entrepreneurs, promises multiple tools and stimulating ideas to help you gain money and manage your finances.

For example, you will find illustrations of compound interest and analysis of market trends. In last week’s edition, they suggested to their members a way to gain passive income (through vending machines) and laid out 7 frequent mistakes to avoid with credit cards. Members can also ask questions, to which they will answer. Moreover, entrepreneurs and experts are interviewed to create the content of the newsletter. Some market news is also shared.

We can tell the team behind Liberté 45 had analyzed the newsletter market before launching! By becoming a member, you will have access to dozens of new ideas to go into business, hundreds of tools and tips to structure your personal finances, as well as access to the private group of the Liberté 45 community. It is possible to get a 30-day trial for 1$.

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Level/audience : Investor

Price : Free or up to 30$ a month, plus an Elite version

Frequency : Weekly

COTE 100 is a portfolio management service based in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. There’s no doubt here that you will deal with real experts, who have been passionate about the topic for years!

The COTE 100+ newsletter was created in order to give a privileged access to strategic information pertaining to portfolio management. It contains the blog of Philippe Le Blanc (from Les Affaires magazine), a monthly post from the COTE100 managers, a monitoring of portfolio securities and a thorough analysis of stocks that are making the news. Some packages even give you the opportunity to pick the next stocks that will be analyzed!


Level/audience : Beginner

Price : Free

Frequency : Weekly

In collaboration with Urbania and through a partnership with the National Bank of Canada, Quatre95 offers comedic articles on personal finances. Combining entertainment, information and advice, Quatre95 developped a newsletter to share in-depth reports that are more substantial than the short articles on the website. This newsletter is sure to fuel discussions between you and your friends, true to the team’s style of humor. You will find articles on local entrepreneurs, profiles of inspiring people and tons of other things. However, you will not find detailed advice with this newsletter. Take it for what it is: entertainment and inspiration.

Finance et investissement

Level/audience : Advanced

Price : Free

Frequency : Daily

This newsletter is mainly aimed at industry professionals, notably mutual funds representatives, securities and financial safety advisors, and financial planners. The writing team offers an overview of news from the financial sector in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world, as well as analysis, for example on investing and on estate planning.

Personal finances newsletters from Canada and the United States

Why close yourself off to the world, which has so much to offer? If English opens doors, it also opens a bay window on personal finances.


Level/audience : Investor

Price : 249,99$ per year

Frequency : Weekly

You want to beat the market? If your answer is yes, Stocktrades is made for you!

Stocktrades presents itself as the most powerful community of investors in Canada. With a Premium subscription, its team suggests stocks in which to invest. Shopify, Aritzia and Lightspeed POS are all stocks they recommended buying that ended up producing a stellar yield. Not only do they make you benefit from their research on growth and dividend stocks, they also create nine portfolio models to help you build your own. As a member, you can also make requests for research on certain stocks and obtain reports. 

On top of that, the founders are investors themselves. Daniel Kent attended a program on securities trading. Mathieu Litalien has an MBA and currently sits on the board of directors of Greater Sudbury Hydro.

The Motley Fool

Level/audience : Investor

Price : 299$ to 499$ a year

Frequency : Weekly

Among the oldest paid subscription newsletters, we find those of Motley Fool. There are currently three. Stock advisor specializes in stocks, Dividend Advisor, in dividends and Hidden Gems focuses on the smaller businesses. All three recommend stocks.

For example, Stock Advisor recommends basic stocks to start your investment portfolio. It caters both to new investors with little money and skilled ones. Stock Advisor chooses stocks based on their long term growth potential. This newsletter also gives you access to educational material and a community of members. It offers two chosen stocks per month, one in Canada and one in the United States, as well as 5 stocks which should be bought right now.

Morning Brew

Level/audience : Beginner, intermediate

Price : Free

Frequency : Daily (except Sundays)

Morning Brew is a digest of economic and financial news, with a sense of humor and wit. This newsletter is divided into short sections which summarizes news and links to other websites to read the rest. This format allows you to be rapidly informed on the market’s general trends. Next, you can choose to plunge yourself in the stories you’re most interested in. For example, the last newsletter I read filled me in on baseball news. Then, it talked about the stock market indices, as well as news from the aviation industry, real estate and technology. What you will not find with Morning Brew is practical advice tailored to your personal situation.

In terms of finances, everything depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. Don’t be fooled: paid newsletters are only worth it if they correspond to your profile. Did you find what you were looking for with our suggestions?

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