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Bitcoin has been making international headlines again this year when it hit a new all-time high of just over $81,000 Canadian dollars in April 2021. You can’t ignore it anymore, Bitcoin is here to stay.  According to Bitcoin purists, it’s the future of finance, and the future is now.  

With MyBTC, you can hold the future in the palm of your hand. 

The volatility of this new highly speculative digital currency has the potential for losses and heavy gains. But more importantly, it democratizes wealth by giving financial power back to the people. 

With all of Bitcoin’s heady popularity, you’ve probably considered buying some of this digital gold for yourself. 

But before you do, you should probably understand what it is and how it works.

What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency that replaces cash for web-based transactions. It uses a revolutionary technology called the blockchain to keep transactions safe, secure and anonymous. 

The real game-changer? The blockchain is a public ledger that records and stores every Bitcoin transaction ever made. It’s just like the transaction history of your own bank account, only everyone has access to it.   

On the blockchain, anyone can see that someone sent BTC to someone else. But nobody knows who those two people are. They can only see the alphanumeric wallet addresses involved in the transaction, no names or personally identifiable information. 

Those transactions are verified by hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of computers around the world.

The blockchain helps to make Bitcoin transactions relatively fast, cheap and completely anonymous, free from the administrative funny-business of traditional banks.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin in Canada?

Look no further than MyBTC.ca 

MyBTC is the Canadian-born brokerage and exchange platform that has revolutionized the way Canadians buy and sell Bitcoin. 

If you have a heartbeat, a mobile phone and a bank account you can buy Bitcoin on MyBTC.ca. 

Correction, you don’t even need to have a Canadian bank account to buy Bitcoin. You can use cold hard cash to buy it at your local Canada Post outlet. They'll give you a unique QR code linked to your MyBTC account. Canada Post will scan it then process your cash payment. Your MyBTC account balance will update within 5 minutes, then you can start buying Bitcoin. 

What haven’t these guys thought of? 

You can also buy Bitcoin online in seconds with your credit card, VISA/Mastercard Debit, wire transfer, Interac eTransfer, and even Flexepin vouchers. 

With so many accepted forms of payment, MyBTC has made Bitcoin accessible to every single Canadian.

MyBTC is the Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin in Canada

Whether you’re a Bitcoin gumshoe or a crypto evangelist, you can instantly exchange your Bitcoin online with MyBTC.

With its user-friendly platform and multitude of supported payment options, MyBTC is the quickest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin in Canada. 

Just visit www.mybtc.ca to set up your account, then you’re off to the races. Once you’ve chosen your preferred method of payment, you’ll have your Bitcoin in seconds.

MyBTC is the Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin in Canada

MyBTC isn’t just the fastest way to buy Bitcoin, it’s also the easiest bar none.

The crypto market never sleeps, and neither does MyBTC. You can buy or sell your Bitcoin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you run into a problem at 3 o’clock in the morning, rest assured their LiveChat support is available to fix any issue you may have at any time of the day or night. You can email, text or Facebook message MyBTC, whichever is most convenient for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Bitcoin beginner or a seasoned veteran, every new user gets a personal phone call from MyBTC to welcome them to the platform.  

The user interface is so crisp, clean, simple and intuitive that even your great uncle Earl can use it. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy post-millennial to claim your stake in the burgeoning Bitcoin market.

Creating your account is the quickest, easiest, least intrusive process I’ve come across in the crypto space. With a Canadian mobile phone number and a few clicks of a button, getting your account up and running is a breeze.

As with any financial transaction platform, identity verification is par for the course. But MyBTC is quicker than the rest, verifying who you are in an hour or less.

Not comfortable uploading your ID online? No problem. Once you set up your account, MyBTC will give you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to very your identity in person at your local Canada Post.

Why We Love MyBTC

MyBTC is a Bitcoin brokerage and exchange platform created by Canadians for Canadians. 

Every time you use MyBTC to buy or sell Bitcoin you are supporting a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. They serve only Canadian clients using only Canadian funds. 

Since its inception in 2016, MyBTC has served tens of thousands of clients who have executed hundreds of thousands of trades. 

They’ve brokered incredible partnerships with some of Canada’s most prolific institutions like Canada Post, Interac and Flexepin. 

MyBTC.ca banks and holds CAD with Canadian financial institutions where funds are insured. They are a Money Service Business registered with Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre – known as FINTRAC – so you know they’re legit.

They’ve quickly become one of Canada’s most trusted Bitcoin brokerages in the crypto space, boasting a 4.7/5 rating from almost 200 reviews on Trustpilot.  

And the VERY best part? 

They’re a non-custodial Bitcoin brokerage. What does that mean? 

If you’re new to the crypto space, you may or may not have heard the phrase “not your keys, not your crypto.” 

That means if your Bitcoin is held and stored for you by the brokerage, you are not fully in control of your Bitcoin. If that brokerage were to shut down tomorrow, all your Bitcoin would disappear right along with it. 

But not with MyBTC. 

Once you purchase your Bitcoin, you’ll be prompted to move it to your own private wallet. Whether that’s a desktop wallet like Exodus or a cold wallet like Trezor, is entirely up to you. The point is that you hold and secure your own Bitcoin.

With MyBTC, you become your very own bank.  

And you can’t put a price on financial independence.

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