Scotiabank is one of the Canadian banks that offer its clients a free credit credit score monitoring service. When you get your credit score through Scotiabank, it’s provided by TransUnion. You can easily check your credit score through Scotiabank. As this credit score check is a soft credit check, it’s not going to negatively impact your credit score. Your credit score plays an important role in getting loans at low interest rates.

To get your free TransUnion credit score, Scotiabank will share relevant personal information to TransUnion so they can perform the credit check appropriately. The personal information might include:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Address

This is to properly identify you so they can provide an accurate number for your credit score. None of this information will be used or disclosed by TransUnion for other purposes.

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Scotiabank’s free credit score offering


Along with getting the free credit score, there are constant updates on your score, which will be in your account section. The bank also offers you a variety of loan options like mortgages, car loans, and other types of loans. They keep your current loans in one spot so you can easily keep track of them and pay them down on time.

Scotiabank makes it easy to pick apart the details of your credit score. They also give you a history of your credit score, let you know where you stand in terms of other consumers, and let you know the score factors. These are useful details as it can help guide you on how to further improve your credit score. Scotiabank also extends the credit report that lets you know all about your credit history. In your “Accounts,” it will include the open loans you have as well as the loans that have been paid off. You can open up to any of the loans and get further information.

Scotiabank Credit score


Registering for your TransUnion credit score on the Scotiabank portal


Through Scotiabank, you can register for the free TransUnion credit score with the following steps:

  • From the home screen of your Scotiabank app, tap “my updates.”
  • Tap TransUnion Credit Score
  • Tap Register
  • Review and accept Terms and Conditions

Your score will show up quickly and you can always see the updates as they arise in your account section. The terms and conditions are letting you know that they are giving personal information to TransUnion for the purpose of the credit score. TransUnion is highly secure, using security protocols that are used by online banking institutions.


Online banking steps to check your TransUnion credit score


When you’re in your Scotiabank online banking section, you want to go into the Accounts Section, and then to Accounts Summary. This is your dashboard with all the details of your banking activity. Go down to Borrowing. On the right hand side, under Additional Links, you can go to your credit score.

Steps to Check TransUnion Credit Score


How to check your TransUnion credit score from the mobile app


Once you’ve registered for the TransUnion credit score service through Scotiabank, you can access your score from the Scotiabank app. You’ll see a tab at the top called “My updates.” Click on it and you’ll see TransUnion credit score at the top. If it’s been updated, it will be labeled as such. Click on the box and you’ll be taken to your credit score, which is constantly being updated.

You can access the Scotiabank free credit score through your mobile app or online while you’re on your laptop. It's easy to get, costs nothing, and doesn’t impact your credit score. This is going to start the service of ongoing credit score updates and credit reports. It’s a good way to keep on top of your loans and work to improve your credit score.

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