Running a business is exhilarating but also expensive. You have to sign contracts, choose the right business credit card, satisfy customers, and do the usual marketing, accounting, management, sales, etc. Often, something free is something that you like.

Did you know that you can actually sign your PDF contracts for free without the hassle of subscribing to high-priced PDF software? There are many ways to sign PDFs online for free, giving you a ton of options when looking for a free online PDF signing tool.

Some softwares give you extra functionalities, which makes keeping your business expenses low a lot easier. This article is going to highlight the best free online tools available to sign PDFs.

The best ways to sign PDFs online for free

It’s only natural to want the best online tool to satisfy all your e-signing needs, including the ability to effectively create, fill and edit your PDF forms before signing them. A cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is probably enough when you don't have a lot of requirements.

The software you choose should allow you to fill and sign both interactive PDF forms and non-interactive ones. An interactive PDF form is easy to fill and sign because once the PDF file is opened, the fillable fields are automatically detected by the PDF fill and sign software.

On the other hand, non-interactive PDFs, it might be difficult for some software to detect the fillable fields. Therefore, you'll want to choose an option like the ones below, which will allow you to sign in both scenarios: 

1. PDF24 Tools

Any great and free online signing tool should support all current operating systems and be easy to use. PDF24 Tools is nothing short of that.

It also offers an extensive collection of tools to work productively with your PDF documents without requiring any of your business credit card information. PDF24 Tools processes PDF files on its own servers, so you don’t have to download or install any software. You can use it on any device with a stable internet connection.

Worried about safety? PDF24 Tools guarantees the safety and privacy of your files because all its servers are encrypted, and your files are erased from the servers after a short time.


Using PDF24 Tools to sign documents

By visiting, you can sign documents by drawing or uploading an image of your signature. You can also use the camera to capture your signature after writing it on a piece of white paper.

Once you’ve created it, you can drag and drop it into the right spot. Use the corners of the signature handle to adjust its size before downloading and saving it.

2. Wondershare PDFelement

If you are looking for powerful PDF functions along with your free signing software, Wondershare PDFelement is a good choice. The easy-to-use tool lets you merge, edit, convert, crop, and annotate in seconds.

iOS and Windows friendly

Wondershare PDFelement for IOS is an umbrella for all your PDF needs on iPad. As a Mac user, you don’t have to worry about signing PDFs online because this tool is compatible with Catalina 11, the latest Mac OS. Regarding Windows, it’s compatible with all systems from Windows XP to Windows 11.

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Using its free trial, you can sign PDFs online and create fillable PDF forms from scratch from your desktop browser or mobile app.

Wondershare PDFelement

How to sign PDFs using Wondershare PDFelement

This software supports several methods for signing PDF documents, including digital, electronic, handwritten, and stamp options. The digital method is a very secure way of recording the identity of your signers, which you can access from the “protect” icon. The electronic signature method allows you to initiate and request signatures from other people using your Wondershare document cloud. 

3. PDF Buddy

PDF Buddy is an easy-to-adopt online platform that allows you to sign 3 PDFs online for free every month. In addition to signing, you can add and store text, images, and signatures, white-out content, annotate, and highlight your online-hosted PDF documents.

You can also split and merge PDF forms, and create shareable links, making it easy for others to edit or sign your forms. With PDF Buddy, enhancing PDF documents has never been easier.

PDF Buddy is a web-based PDF solution, meaning that you can sign and interact with your PDF document anywhere with a stable internet connection. Your documents and e-signatures are safe because it has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption.

PDF Buddy

How to sign PDFs online for free using PDF Buddy

You can upload your PDF files and sign them directly on PDF Buddy's website. After selecting “Signature” from the left navigation bar, you can either draw your signature or upload it as an image. Click the ”Use” button and place your signature on your document.

4. DigiSigner

DigiSigner is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows you to sign PDFs online for free. No credit card information or registration is required. You don't even need to sign up. Its user-based interface is easy to navigate and can be used by multiple signatories. You can edit and sign 3 PDF documents per month, gather and send digital signatures online, and add a text box with a different format.

Besides creating secure and legally binding signatures, DigiSigner allows you to edit PDFs in many other ways. You can fill out PDF forms online by adding text, dates, checkmarks, and initials.


How to sign PDFs online for free using DigiSigner

Once you’ve uploaded the PDF you want to sign and opened it with DigiSigner, you can sign it in various ways. These include drawing your signature using a mouse or touchpad, typing your name, or scanning an image of your signature and uploading it to your document.

5. Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe Acrobat has a 7-day free trial that you can use to sign PDFs online for free and track signature responses in real-time. You can also access extensive features for working with PDFs.

For example, you can edit, sign, and annotate PDF forms by working directly on the text. You can open all PDF forms, change viewing options, and access text searching and commenting. This option offers one of the most advanced PDF editing techniques for creating and interacting with various forms.

It has support for Adobe Document Cloud and Dropbox, and you can access it from any platform, i.e. android, iOS, Mac Os, and Windows.

Adobe Acrobat 

How to sign PDFs online for free using Adobe Acrobat

Open your PDF with Adobe Acrobat. Select the “sign” icon on the top. Create your signature by selecting “Sign document” and then “Add signature”. You can create your signature by typing it, drawing it, or uploading an image. Once done, click ”Apply” and place the signature in your document. Use the signature handle to resize it.

6. DocFly

DocFly is a proficient, browser-based online PDF editor with extensive tools for signing and making changes across fillable PDF forms. You can sign PDFs online for free, edit forms in the cloud, hide, add, and highlight text, and upload images within minutes.

By grabbing and dragging pages, you can reorder them quickly to manage and manipulate your documents per your requirements. You can sign any PDF document online using DocFly in 3 simple steps: upload your document, add your signature, and save the changes.

How to extract pages from a contract or document with DocFly

Sometimes you need to keep certain parts of your document private. Instead of sending the whole document, DocFly can help you extract only the pages you want to be signed. Simply upload your document and head to DocFly’s page extractor.

First, select your PDF document and click “Edit” to access the “Extract pages” tool. Tick the box next to your document, select “edit tab” to access the dropdown menu, and choose “Extract pages”. Select the range of pages you want to be signed.

7. EasePDF

EasePDF is a popular PDF tool with multiple PDF conversion features, including significant PDF altering, converting, and signing. You can execute your signing tasks freely right from its homepage.

For your privacy, it automatically removes the files you upload after 24 hours. It’s one of the best PDF conversion options with 30 online converting tools that you can use to convert your PDF document to various formats. EasePDF doesn’t require you to sign up. You can use it on Mac for free.

How to sign PDFs online for free using EasePDF

Upload your PDF from Google Drive/Dropbox/local computer files or via the URL option by copying the PDF link. Add your signature by uploading an image on your computer or by using a mouse to draw a new one. Place it on your PDF document and save your signed form.

8. pdfFiller

pdfFiller is an umbrella of all PDF management tools where you can sign PDFs online for free, and create, edit, organize, encrypt, and authenticate forms. It has advanced features such as signature-tracking and “chain of custody” for securing important documents. You can draw, blackout, erase and highlight anywhere on your original PDF forms.

Using pdfFiller, make your documents professional and conveniently sign any PDF contract or tax form from any mobile or desktop device. You can streamline your business document workflows using e-signatures. You can also sign multiple pages of your PDF file at once, create legally binding signatures and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

How to sign documents using pdfFiller

pdfFiller allows you to sign PDF documents online for free in one of many ways. You can type your name, draw your signature, sign with your finger, uploadyour saved signature from your computer, or capture your signature using the webcam icon.

Next, simply open your document with pdfFiller, from the editor, select “signature” in the toolbar. Then you sign your document.

9. Signaturely

With Signaturely‘s free plan, you can sign PDFs online for free 3 times per month without giving your credit card details. This web-based application allows you to integrate your signing services with Google Drive. It also comes with an audit and logs history tracking feature that you can use to monitor your document’s progress and remind your signers to sign them. Besides signing, you can access other PDF editing features and templated PDF forms, and even collaborate with your teammates while working on various templates simultaneously.

Signaturely also guides your signers throughout the PDF signing process, allowing them to create their e-signatures if they lack them.

How to prepare your document for signing using Signaturely

Signaturely allows you to create templates for reusable documents like Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Start by giving your document a title and message, then upload your document.

ext, enter the name and address of your signers. Drag and drop your signature, initials, and date fields onto the document.

Assign fields to your team members and mark them as required. Click “send”, and your recipients will receive a link in their email requesting them to sign.

10. PDFescape

PDFescape is an open-source online PDF reader and editor that allows you to fill and sign PDFs online for free using text or by uploading an image of your signature. It’s compatible with most browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc.

You can also access extensive PDF management tools that will save you time and effort while working across this online platform. For example, you can add or eliminate text and images, zoom, rotate, and autofill forms.

It has easy whiteouts for even removals of current texts and a one-click reset button feature to reorganize added data in PDF forms. You can work with your original document file format for an excellent PDF software experience.

How to sign PDFs online for free using PDFescape

Go to and upload your PDF form. Use the pencil icon to sign your name before adding the date and other initials. Click “download” to save your signed document.

Limitations of free and online tools to sign documents

Some of these free ways to sign PDF documents are not as feature-rich as paid subscription services. Additionally, offline tools can be better than online tools, as they do not require a stable internet connection to sign documents.  

However, an online tool can be suitable when you have a one-off signing requirement, and do not want to download tools for managing PDFs. Free tools can be as good as paid software when you don’t have many signing needs.

Frequently asked questions about signing PDFs online for free

How to sign PDFs online for free

Go to and click “sign PDF”. Upload your PDF file to be signed by choosing the file from your computer or using drag and drop. You can add your signature by drawing, uploading one when you have it already saved as an image, or using the camera to capture your signature from a piece of white paper.

Click on the signature to add. You can drag and drop it in the right spot. You can also grab the corners of the signature handle and adjust its size. Once done, you can save it by clicking on the “save PDF” icon on the top left corner of your screen.

How to sign PDFs on an iPhone for free

You can sign a PDF for free on an iPhone using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. You'll have to download the app from the app store.

To sign your PDF, open your PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Choose the pencil icon on your iPhone screen. Choose “fill & sign”, and from the options, select the draw icon (it resembles a fountain pen). Select “create signature” and then select “draw” to use your finger or your apple pencil to draw your signature. Hit “done”, and save or share your signed PDF file.

How to sign PDFs on an iPad for free

Wondershare PDFelement for iOS is a powerful PDF app for iOS devices that you can use to sign a PDF for free on your iPad. Take a picture of your handwritten signature or use the built-in signature maker and follow the steps. Open the PDF, then tap the signature icon on the toolbar. Tap the box and use your finger to create a signature. Select the arrow to adjust the properties. Alternatively, tap the camera icon to take a picture of your handwritten signature, or tap the image icon to upload your signature. Pull down on the signature to reposition it on the page. You can send it through email or upload it to your connected cloud service.

Is DocuSign Free

DocuSign's online PDF signing tool has a 30-day free trial that you can use to sign forms, including NDAs, contracts, and others. However, there’s no free lifetime option with DocuSign.

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