Where are the cheapest places to live in Canada? Generally speaking, it is expensive to live in large cities. Smaller cities tend to be a more economical choice, even if you commute a short distance to work.  Smaller cities have a lot to offer.

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, housing prices have increased substantially. However, you can still find affordable housing in Canada whether you want to rent or buy property. It is more expensive to live closer to the west coast and the Prairie Provinces. Your least costly options tend to be in Quebec and Ontario, though there are options in other parts of Canada as well.

Keep in mind that cheap is also relative. The cost of living may commiserate with the average income in a province. So, while it may cost more to live in Alberta, your salary will also most likely be higher than it would be in other provinces for the same job. While Saskatchewan's minimum wage is $11.81, the minimum wage in Alberta is $15.00.With that in mind, take a look at the list below for the 40 cheapest places to live in Canada.

1. Thetford Mines, Quebec

This small city was once one of the world's largest regions for asbestos production, now it's one of the cheapest places to live. As the town grew, the boundaries expanded. It merged with Robertsonville, Black Lake, Thetford-Sud, and Pontbriand. The last asbestos mine closed in 2012. Canada banned the sale of asbestos in 2018.

To live here, you must love cold-weather activities. Winter can be cold with fair amounts of rain and snow. Summer has fair weather throughout. Snowmobiling and skiing are popular winter activities.

It is also one of the top maple syrup-producing areas. In the spring, you will have the opportunity to experience close community connections during outings to sugar camps. There are parties for making the syrup and enjoying taffy made in the snow. If you are more of a summer weather person, you will enjoy the many lakes and rivers in the area. Summer months are filled with festivals and outdoor concerts.

Thetford Mines has a regional airport making it convenient to come and go. It also features two outstanding research centers. Businesses in the region export goods worldwide, generating employment in many fields as the labour market expands. Twelve of Canada's richest Canadians call Quebec home.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $500

Cheapest house we found: $59, 900

Average salary: $61, 670

2. Saguenay, Quebec

Despite being one of the cheapest places to live, many key sectors in Saguenay keep the area alive and thriving. Because of all the rivers in the area, hydroelectric power is one of the large economic sectors.  Saguenay is known as the Valley of Aluminum because it produces 1/3 of all aluminum produced in Canada. Agrifood is another booming industry due to the experienced producers and the region's unique climate.

The region is also known for tourism, medical research, and forestry. There are many reasons one might like to set roots in Saguenay. It is close to nature, has a vibrant cultural life, and is affordable. The average salary is $63,214 a year. According to a report released by Statistics Canada in 2015, for those living in Saguenay, Quebec, average life satisfaction was 8.2/10.

It is a safe city where you have the advantages of living in a larger city without the hustle and bustle. In under an hour, you can reach Montreal by plane, and Quebec City is only a two-hour drive away. Getting from one place to the next is easy as Saguenay has an airport, a four-lane divided highway, and a reliable rail system that leads to a deep-water seaport.  

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $480

Cheapest house we found: $65,000

Average salary: $63,214

3. Shawinigan, Quebec

Shawinigan is cold and snowy in the winter and warm and humid in the summer. It is a great place to live if you enjoy outdoor adventure. Every year there is a prestigious marathon canoe race called the Classique international de canots de la Mauricie, which has taken place since 1934. They also host a celebration with a bonfire and performances by local musicians.

If you need to find a job when you get there, the Laurentide Paper Company is still active in the district. Shawinigan is also home to a sizeable hydroelectric complex near the Saint-Maurice River. The city has a population of around 49,000. It is only a two-hour drive from Quebec City.

Shawinigan is attempting to revitalize its economy by becoming a smart city. The smart city project began in 2014 by introducing innovative technologies and new services to make life more convenient for the citizens of Shawinigan. In July 2021, the Quebec government and the government of Canada granted Shawinigan $4.99 million to assist with a $10 million project to build a new center for melting scrap aluminum. This helped to create more jobs in the community, and residents enjoy it as on of the cheapest places to live in Canada.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $430

Cheapest house we found: $89,500

Average salary: $63,214

4. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Located in Southern Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw isn't just one of the cheapest places to love, it's also one of Canada's most notorious cities. For decades, Moose Jaw has been called The Friendly City. That being said, the activity there was not always friendly. What is Moose Jaw notorious for? One of the world's most notable gangsters, Al Capone, spent much of his time hiding out underground in the tunnels of Moose Jaw, now a big tourism draw.  

The name Moose Jaw, also rooted in history, comes from the Cree word meaning “a warm place by the river.” If you have ever heard of The Snowbirds, you may have heard of Moose Jaw. The Canadian Forces Snowbirds Air Demonstration Squadron is based out of the military base in Moose Jaw.

The current population of Moose Jaw is just under 36,000 residents. The key economic sectors are agriculture, potash mining, NATO Flying Training, transportation, tourism, and healthcare. There are two potash solution mines located close to Moose Jaw. The downtown area features tunnels, numerous coffee shops, and many unique shops. Expedia.ca has listed Moose Jaw as number three on a list of “10 Coolest Downtowns in Canada,” and is on of Canada's cheapest places to live.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $550

Cheapest house we found: $62,900

Average salary: $61,571

5. Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan, and its name means Queen in Latin. It was named after Queen Victoria, who was the British Monarch at the time. Before that, it was referred to as Pile O' Bones because many hunters hunted in the area and left the bones behind. Regina's economy relies on natural gas and potash. Agriculture is another significant part of life in and around the city of Regina. 

With over 215,000 people, Regina is a large metropolis with much to offer while still being one of the cheapest places to live. The University of Regina offers over 200 academic programs. It is known for its experimental learning and research. Along with the University of Regina, the city is also home to the First Nations University of Canada, which provides First-Nations-centered academic programs such as Indigenous Business and Public Administration, Indigenous Education, and Indigenous Health, along with many other programs.

Regina is a bustling city with many attractions, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training center and museum. Being a larger city, they also have a stadium for sporting events and concerts. Regina is home to the Canadian Football League (CFL) team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. You better wear green on game day!

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $500

Cheapest house we found: $95,000

Average salary: $65,600

6. Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

The cost of living is quite affordable, making Rouyn-Noranda one of the cheapest places to live. One of the primary economic industries in Rouyn-Noranda is Glencore Copper Canada which operates the Home smelter. It is the world's largest processor of electronic scarp containing copper and other precious metals. Other industries that contribute to the local economy are lumber and dairy.  

Around 96% of the population are French speakers. You may want to brush up on your French skills if you are not a native speaker and plan to relocate to Rouyn-Noranda. The population is around 42,000 people, and it is located in western Quebec.

Rouyn-Noranda is a green city with a long-term economic vision. They want to remain a sustainable community that leaves a small footprint as they continue to grow. The climate is cold and temperate, with a significant amount of rain throughout the year. If you plan to move here, take your umbrella and galoshes. July is the warmest month but does not frequently see temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $560

Cheapest house we found: $85,000

Average salary: $63,214

7. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City offers an excellent quality of life for its residents and people new to the area, as well as being on of Canada's cheapest places to live. The cost of living is competitive, and tuition fees are affordable. Quebec City has several junior colleges which aim to bridge secondary school and University studies. Laval University is also located in Quebec City.

The predominant language is French but many Quebec City people are bilingual and speak English too. Being the second-largest economic hub in the province, Quebec City has a thriving economy.  Quebec City has many sectors which require workers. Some of these are:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • IT and interactive entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Financial services
  • Tourism

Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage treasure rich in history and beauty. Once you are settled, you will want to explore the only walled city north of Mexico. Be sure to explore the Chateau Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace, Petit-Champlain, Place Royale, and the Plains of Abraham.

There are four distinct seasons in Quebec City. The summers are warm and sometimes hot, while winters are cold, windy, and snowy. Spring and fall are short seasons with temperatures varying. It is common to experience an extended summer in Quebec.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $650

Cheapest house we found: $99,000

Average salary: $60,239

8. St. John's, Newfoundland

St. John's is the capital of Newfoundland and is one of the oldest cities in North America. This is where Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless message in 1901. Because of its history and culture, it is a popular tourist destination and is one of the cheapest places to live in Canada.  The climate is humid. St. John's gets a lot of rain throughout the year, and it can also be quite foggy.  

St. John's used to rely on fishing as its primary industry. After the industry's collapse in the 1990s, they started relying on oil and gas beneath the ocean. ExxonMobil Canada has its headquarters in St. John's, and many other companies also have regional operations in the city. Chevron, Husky Energy, Suncor Energy, and Statoil are some of the major companies you will find there. Hibernia, Terra Nova, and White Rose have three significant offshore oil developments. Some of Canada's richest Canadians live in Atlantic Canada.

One of the major attractions of the city is Signal Hill. There, you will find colourful wooden houses along the cliff-sides. The hill is where Cabot Tower is located. The castle-like building commemorates the 400th anniversary of John Cabot's voyage to Newfoundland. 

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $795

Cheapest house we found: $69,900

Average salary: $63,396

9. Baie-Comeau, Quebec

The city of Baie-Comeau is located 420 kilometres northeast of Quebec City. The city, located on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, has about 20,000 people between two urban areas: Baie-Comeau proper and Hauterive. The city is the birthplace of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and is one of Canada's cheapest places to live.

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The economy relies on the fact that the region is heavily forested. It serves as the center for the pulp and paper industry. Along with hydroelectricity and an aluminum plant, the paper industry provides many jobs in Baie-Comeau. There is a large elevator there owned by Cargill, which is used to transfer grain from Great Lakes boats to ships.

The weather tends to be cool in the summer, with daily highs below 20 degrees Celsius. This results from the cold Labrador current that cools the Gulf of St. Lawrence. There also tends to be high snowfalls during the winter months.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $700

Cheapest house we found: $94,900

Average salary: $63,214

10. Lévis, Quebec

Lévis is a quick ferry ride from Quebec City. It is located opposite the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. As well as a ferry linking Old Quebec with Old Lévis, two bridges connect western Lévis with Quebec City. Though it is a smaller city, there are many opportunities for the residents of Lévis and is one of the cheapest places to live in Canada. Valero's Jean-Gaulin refinery is located in the city. It is one of the largest refineries in eastern Canada.

Also headquartered in the city are the Desjardins Group and the subsidiary, Desjardins Financial Security. Other major companies include Davie Shipbuilding and Frito-Lay. Along with these major companies, the city also has thriving agriculture, and business research and development center. With a cold and temperate climate, you will see lots of rain in the spring and summer months and snow in the fall and winter.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $605

Cheapest house we found: $119,000

Average salary: $63,759

11. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert is the third-largest city in Saskatchewan and another one of Canada's cheapest places to live. It is known as The Gateway to the North, and is located in the centre of the province. It is the last major city along the route to the province's resources located in the north. A short distance away is Prince Albert National Park, where you will find lakes, forests, and a lot of wildlife. Winter lasts five months of the year, and it is pretty cold. The summer months can see high temperatures though the average is around 23 degrees Celsius.

Because of its proximity to many lakes and forest areas, tourism is one of the major industries that keep the city thriving. Agriculture, forestry, mining, and retail are other industries in the area. The Star-Orion South Diamond Project is also near the city, providing opportunities for employment in the diamond mining sector. The Diefenbaker Bridge connects the north and south shore in Prince Albert. It is the only bridge nearby that connects northern and southern Saskatchewan.  

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $795

Cheapest house we found: $74,900

Average salary: $61,571

12. Trois-Rivières, Quebec

In Trois-Rivières, housing costs are about 75% lower than the national average, making it one of the cheapest places to live. The lower cost of real estate makes it a great place to set down roots on a smaller budget. Overall, the cost of living is about 29% lower than the national average. Approximately 140,400 people call Trois-Rivières home. It is halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.  

Trois-Rivières has three pulp and paper mills. They are also building their economy by establishing technology parks. Marmen Incorporated manufactures wind turbine towers and employs 1,000 people in the area. Other industries are metal transformation, electronics, thermoplastics, and cabinet making.

Winters are long and cold with a lot of snow. Summers are usually pretty warm, which is excellent for outdoor cultural events throughout the warmer months. Boulevard des Forges is several blocks long, where you will see century-old buildings, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and shops. The area will frequently be closed to traffic to allow for the festivals and events. The Universite du Quebec a Trois Rivers is located in the city. There is also a satellite campus of the University of Montreal for the faculty of Medicine.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $535

Cheapest house we found: $139,900

Average salary: $31,200

13. Sherbrooke, Quebec

Sherbrooke has about 161,000 people making it the sixth-largest city in the province of Quebec, and another one of the cheapest places to live. For those who enjoy cultural activities, there are a host of festivals and events throughout the year. The city has art galleries, museums, and a symphony orchestra.

Sherbrooke is home to eight academic institutions with approximately 40,000 students attending classes. Around 11,000 people work in Sherbrooke as professors, teachers, and researchers. University tuition fees are among the lowest in North America, making it an excellent place for students to study since living costs are also low.

The region is full of mountains, lakes, and rivers. If you love the outdoors, you will find lots to do. There is even a ski hill in the city located in a downtown park. There are 108 parks and green spaces in the municipality. You can access hundreds of mountain trails in under 30 minutes, and you are also close to water if you enjoy nautical sports.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $639

Cheapest house we found: $119,000

Average salary: $61,670

14. Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

Known as Canada's border city, Lloydminster is located partially in Saskatchewan and partially in Alberta.  Just over 31,000 people are living between the two provinces in Lloydminster. A higher percentage of the population lives on the Alberta side of the border.

Winters in Lloydminster are cold, dry, and long, while summers are short, warm, and sometimes wet. Precipitation in the area is generally relatively low, seeing less rain and snow than in other parts of the province. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the city was -50 degrees Celsius.  

The petroleum industry drives the economy in the area, but it remains one of the cheapest places to live. Lloydminster is known as the Heavy Oil Capital of the World. Husky Energy Oil Refinery is located in the City of Lloydminster. In nearby Wilton, there is a Husky Energy Heavy Oil Upgrader. Both facilities employ many residents.

Agriculture is also vital to the community. Area farmers tend to grow wheat, barley, and canola. Crops account for over 30% of the total acreage in the area. Lloydminster has one of Canada's largest canola crushing facilities. It is also home to Canada's largest biodiesel plants.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $724

Cheapest house we found: $99,900

Average salary: $69,602

15. Victoriaville, Quebec

Victoriaville produces hardwood products, including furniture, hockey sticks, and caskets. There is also a large Lactantia factory located in Victoriaville, where they produce butter, cheese, and other dairy products. The Lactantia factory is a significant employer in the area. Victoriaville is one of Canada's cheapest places to live.

Victoriaville has a population of about 42,000. You will find mountains, lakes, and numerous cycling trails in the area. Victoriaville is a great place to live with a sense of community and many cultural activities to enjoy.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $430

Cheapest house we found: $174,900

Average salary: $61,670

16. Longueuil, Quebec

Longueuil has about 240,000 people living in the city. It is a commuter town as many people drive to Montreal for work. Though many people commute, there are still jobs available in Longueuil. One of the cheapest places to live still offers lots of opportunity.

The aerospace industry is vital. Longueuil is home to Pratt & Whitney Canada and Heroux-Deltek. There are over 5,500 employees between the two companies that work in aerospace. The headquarters of the Canadian Space Agency is also located in Longueuil. You will also find the major companies of Agropur, Innergex Renewable Energy, and the Canadian subsidiary of Hasbro. The home furnishing company, Artemano Canada, has a warehouse and distribution center in the city.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $635

Cheapest house we found: $129,000

Average salary: $65,733

17. Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is a suburban city with the province's second-highest population, yet one of the cheapest places to live.  The economy in Surrey is bustling. Agriculture, health care, and technology are significant proponents of the city's economic wellbeing.  

Surrey is also home to two major post-secondary institutions. Simon Fraser University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University are both located in Surrey. Surrey has many attractions and annual events that are sure to keep you busy. WinterFest, a day of live music, sports, food, and fireworks, attracts around 15,000 people every February.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $650

Cheapest house we found: $129,000

Average salary: $73,006

18. New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

New Glasgow, situated in Pictou County, has around 9,000 people. Many Scottish immigrants came to New Glasgow on the ship Hector. The major employers in the area are the Aberdeen Hospital, a Michelin tire plant in Granton, and the headquarters of Sobeys, the national grocery chain located in nearby Stellarton.

There are several shops and services in the downtown area. New life was brought to the downtown core through a revitalization project that saw the addition of a theatre and upgrades to the riverfront area. It is rainy and snowy in the winter months, and the summer months are humid.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $850

Cheapest house we found: $80,000

Average salary: $60,222

19. Saint John, New Brunswick

Located on the Bay of Fundy, Saint John is a seaport town and another one of Canada's cheapest places to live. Much of the economy relies on its proximity to the water. Shipping, fishing, and shipbuilding are essential to the economy in Saint John. Saint John has one of the largest dry docks in the world used for shipbuilding. As shipbuilding declined, Saint John started to rely more heavily on tourism to boost the area's economic status.

Brewers have also provided an economic boost in the area. Simon Jones, The Oland's, and James Ready are all brewers that operate in the area. Moosehead Breweries, established in 1867 , is one of the major breweries and is Canada's only nationally distributed independent brewery. There are many craft brewers in the area.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $775

Cheapest house we found: $99,000

Average salary: $61,536

20. Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Situated in southwestern Quebec, Saint-Hyacinthe has a population of around 55,000. The city is aptly nicknamed “the agriculture technopolis of Canada.” The economy relies on agriculture, and Saint-Hyacinthe has many research institutions dedicated to agricultural research.

The city also hosts agriculture-related events such as fairs and expositions. Other boons to the economy are Intact Financial and two organ building and restoration companies. In partnership with Université de Montréal, Saint-Hyacinthe has the only veterinary medicine faculty located in Quebec.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $475

Cheapest house we found: $188,000

Average salary: $64,262

21. Medicine Hat, Alberta

Medicine Hat is along the South Saskatchewan River in southeast Alberta. In 2016, Medicine Hat was the 6th largest city in Alberta, with 63,230 people. Medicine Hat is known for its natural gas fields and is often called The Gas City. The economy is built on oil and gas as well as agriculture. Despite the strong economy, Medicin Hat is among Canada's cheapest places to live.

There will be plenty of job opportunities in Medicine Hat in the next decade. Much of the workforce there are over the age of 55, and as they retire, new workers will be needed to keep the economy thriving. New economic activities are also being pursued in the area. The community focuses on developing value-added agriculture, renewable energy, and manufacturing. Several of Canada's richest Canadians live in Alberta.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $650

Cheapest house we found: $149,900

Average salary: $67,407

22. Alma, Quebec

Alma is about 175 kilometres north of Quebec City. In 1962, four villages merged to form Alma. The current population is just under 40,000 residents. 98.5% of the people there speak French as a first language.  The cost of living in Alma is 13% lower than the provincial average.

Alma is an important industrial center. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Price paper mill, a hydroelectric power station, and the Alcan aluminum smelting plant were constructed. All of them are active and contribute to the area's economic stability.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $615

Cheapest house we found: $159,000

Average salary: $63,214

23. Red Deer, Alberta

Located in central Alberta, Red Deer is about halfway between the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary. In 2016, the population sat at just over 100,000. The area has rolling hills and is built around oil, agriculture, and cattle farming. The surrounding region is a center for petrochemical production.  

Red Deer is one of the cheapest places to live with many attractions, including the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Figure skating Olympic gold medalist Jamie Sale hails from Red Deer. Other prominent figures from the area include sportscaster Ron MacLean and many NHL players.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $650

Cheapest house we found: $152,000

Average salary: $67,407

24. Moncton, New Brunswick

With a population of just under 72,000, Moncton is the largest urban center in New Brunswick.  The economy, twice devastated, has come back strong in the area. When the shipbuilding industry collapsed in the 1860s, Moncton suffered. It also suffered after the closure of the CNR locomotive shops in the 1980s. But again, it came back.  

The Latin motto of the city means “I rise again.” Moncton was reborn as a railway town, and the economy is stable and diverse. The primary economy is transportation, distribution, and retail. At the same time, education, health care, finance, information technology, and insurance sectors are also strong contributors.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $850

Cheapest house we found: $104,900

Average salary: $60,771

25. Drummondville, Quebec

Drummondville, with a population of 68,601 as of 2016, is situated in the center of Quebec.  The cost of living in Drummondville is about 10% less than other places in Quebec, making it one of the cheapest places to live. Though many things cost the same, such as groceries, transportation, and utilities, the cost of housing is lower.  

Via Rail offers train service to Montreal and Quebec City. Four to five trains a day run through Drummondville, so you may want to look for housing away from the tracks. The summers tend to be warm and rainy, while winters are cold and snowy.  

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $490

Cheapest house we found: $195,000

Average salary: $64,262

26. Fort Saint John, British Columbia

Fort Saint John was established as a trading post in the late 1700s and is the oldest European-established settlement in British Columbia today. Fort Saint John is the largest city in the British Columbia Peace Region. The Alaska Highway runs through Fort Saint John, making it a central transportation hub.

The economy revolves primarily around agriculture. Oil and gas and forestry are also crucial to the economy. Fort Saint John exports a lot of wood to the United States. Fort Saint John has cold winters and warm summers. It is one of British Columbia's sunniest cities.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $675

Cheapest house we found: $159,900

Average salary: $68,451

27. Granby, Quebec

Granby is east of Montreal in southwestern Quebec. In 2016, the population was 66,222. Granby is most famous for its zoo and its landmark Fountain of Lac Boivin.

Granby is a commercial zone and a regional center of lumber, dairy products, and textiles. Tourism also contributes to the economy of Granby. Each year there is a Mascot Festival that draws people to the area. Granby also has one of Canada's largest dirt oval racing tracks where professional racing events are held.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $645

Cheapest house we found: $169,900

Average salary: $61,670

28. Grande Prairie, Alberta

Grande Prairie, Alberta, was one of Canada's fastest-growing cities from 2001-2006. Grande Prairie is known as Swan City because of its proximity to the migration route and summer nesting area of swans. The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum is just west of Grande Prairie, where there have been many paleontology discoveries.

Grande Prairie has a diversified economy. Oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, and food services play an essential role. International Paper is one of the city's largest employers.

Grande Prairie College offers many programs in academia and trades. The college is also home to a theatre that hosts many events, from stand-up comedy shows to dance recitals to guest speakers.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $750

Cheapest house we found: $148,700

Average salary: $69,602

29. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, is home to 1,491,000 residents as of 2021. It is an important economic center and an integral part of the oil and gas industry. Edmonton is the birthplace of several major companies, including Booster Juice, Earl's, and Fountain Tire.  It's also one of the cheapest places to live in Canada.

The West Edmonton Mall is the 10th largest mall globally and the largest mall in North America. The mall features an indoor theme park with a roller coaster and a giant waterslide park. There are many post-secondary institutions in Edmonton. The University of Alberta, MacEwan University, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology are three primary learning facilities.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $675

Cheapest house we found: $167,500

Average salary: $71,874

30. Dieppe, New Brunswick


Dieppe is a small city of just over 25 000. Dieppe was designated as a city in 2003. Dieppe is home to the largest single-building shopping center in Atlantic Canada, Champlain Place. 

Dieppe has a dynamic business community founded on respect for the environment. Dieppe serves as a distribution hub for goods and services for the Atlantic region and the Northeastern United States. The labor force is highly qualified and largely bilingual. Speaking both English and French is a huge advantage if you are living in this region.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $845

Cheapest house we found: $134,900

Average salary: $60,771

31. Sorel-Tracy, Quebec

Located in southwestern Quebec, Sorel-Tracy is home to around 35,000 people. There is a college in Sorel-Tracy as well as two cathedrals. Sorel-Tracy also has a museum and nature center and many parks and green spaces.

The primary industries in Sorel-Tracy are steelmaking, titanium smelting, ship repairing, and the manufacture of plastics, synthetic fibers, clothing, and furniture. The town serves as a center for farming. It is also a seaport and wintering port for river steamships, dredges, and other watercraft.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $550

Cheapest house we found: $209,000

Average salary: $65,733

32. Conception Bay, Newfoundland

Conception Bay has a population of around 26,200. Conception Bay contains several islands and covers an area of 1,295 square kilometres. Fishing and lobster trapping are familiar sights in the area.

The area also relies heavily on tourism to support the economy. The College of the North Atlantic is located in the Conception Bay area. The college offers many different programs including Accelerated Software Development, Baking and Pastry Arts, Carpentry, and Early Childhood Education.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $800

Cheapest house we found: $149,900

Average salary: $61,950

33. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is about 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal. The population sits at around 98,000. The primary industry is the manufacturing of textiles, wood products, sporting equipment, and mental transformation. There are a variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants in the downtown area.

The city is also home to an Area Support Unit of the Canadian Forces. It is an establishment to recruit and train for the Canadian Forces. The Royal Military College Saint-Jean provides a one-year training program to prepare people for the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.  

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $685

Cheapest house we found: $179,000

Average salary: $63,759

34. Magog, Quebec

Magog was a textile manufacturing town for many generations. The main textile plant is still there but not as active as it used to be. The primary production is pillows.

Magog is a resort area that caters to tourists. The downtown area has many boutiques and art galleries as well as restaurants. There are activities throughout the year, from cultural events to sporting events. The Parc de la Baie-de-Magog features walking paths, a beautiful beach, and a boat launch.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $535

Cheapest house we found: $219,000

Average salary: $61,670

35. Rimouski, Quebec

Rimouski has a population of around 49,00 and is the site of a notable university. Rimouski has several marine research centers as well. The maritime sector is also vital to the community. The Institut Maritime du Quebec offers exclusively marine-related programs of study.

The largest employer in Rimouski is the regional hospital with over 2,200 employees. The hospital serves patients all over the region. Rimouski has cold, snowy winters and warm, wet summers.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $700

Cheapest house we found: $179,000

Average salary: $61,670

36. Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, in southwestern Ontario, is the southernmost city in Canada. The economy consists of manufacturing, tourism, education, and government services.  The economy grows as Windsor has gained companies involved in pharmaceuticals, alternative energy, insurance, and internet and software. The Windsor Salt Mine also employs many residents. Ontario is home to many of Canada's richest Canadians.

The city is home to the headquarters of FCA Canada, a primary automobile manufacturing center. The FCA Canada minivan assembly plant, two Ford Motor Company engine plants, and several automotive parts manufacturers are located in Windsor.  

Tourism is also essential to the economy. Caesars Windsor is one of the largest casinos in Canada and employs many people in the area. The casino brings many visitors from the United States.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $685

Cheapest house we found: $189,900

Average salary: $68,689

37. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Sault Ste. Marie is close to the Canada-US border. A little over 73,000 people reside in Sault Ste. Marie. Algoma Steel employs over 3,500 individuals.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is another major employer. With a corporate office on the waterfront, the OLG has about 900 employees. The OLG is the fourth-largest employer coming after Algoma Steel, Sault Area Hospital, and the call center industry.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $950

Cheapest house we found: $125,500

Average salary: $66,885

38. Timmins, Ontario

Timmins is the fourth largest city in northeastern Ontario. Natural resources in the area keep the economy alive. The economy is supported by lumbering and mining gold, zinc, copper, nickel, and silver.

Timmins has two post-secondary institutions. Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology and College Boreal are in Timmins. Timmins also has several tourist attractions, including The Timmins Museum and National Exhibition Centre, Cedar Meadows Wilderness Tours, and Kamiskotia Snow Resort. Tourists come from all over the world to take advantage of the multitude of snowmobile trails in the area.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $900

Cheapest house we found: $145,000

Average salary: $66,885

39. Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec

This city in southwestern Quebec has around 42,000 people living in it. Since 1938, the city has hosted the Valleyfield Regattas. It is an international hydroplane competition. Powerboats compete and reach speeds of up to 225 km/h. The event attracts over 130,00 visitors each year.

Many attractions bring people to the area. The local museum provides information on the economic and cultural history of the area. The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Cecilia, one of the largest churches in the country, was built in 1934-1935 and is also located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $685

Cheapest house we found: $199,000

Average salary: $65,733

40. Gatineau, Quebec

Gatineau, a city in western Quebec, is home to over 265,000 people. Gatineau has two of the region's major hospitals and several provincial colleges. Most jobs are with the government, but several people are also employed in the construction and service industries  

Several federal government departments have their main offices in Gatineau. Along with government jobs, Gatineau is the location of the Superior Court of the District of Gatineau, which employs many people. 

Cheapest one-bedroom rental we found: $720

Cheapest house we found: $199,900

Average salary: $66,845

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