Are you looking for the best Canadian money counting piggy banks? Whether you’re looking for a piggy bank for kids or adults, we have found the best models on Our top picks are highly rated, fairly priced, and have security features like a PIN code. Ready to have fun and level up your savings game? Here are the top 4 best money counting piggy banks for Canadians.

How to choose the best Canadian money counting piggy banks

Before we look at the top money counting piggy banks, let’s consider a few noteworthy features to help you make the right choice. This will help you select the best option from our list. 


A platform like provides affordable money counting piggy banks because it’s a competitive marketplace. Also, with so much choice, you can easily find a product that matches your preferences and budget. 

Accepts CAD

Make sure the piggy bank supports Canadian Dollars. Otherwise, the money counting function will not work when inserting CAD money. 


Some piggy banks are completely transparent, allowing you to see the amount of money inside. This is a good choice if you want to see the pile of money growing as you save. It's great motivation to keep up the excellent work.

Customer reviews

Read the customer reviews to get an idea of the product quality. Websites like offer customer reviews to help you distinguish between inferior and high-quality products. 


Consider the number of coins that can be stored in the money counting piggy bank. You may want to find a bigger piggy bank if you want to save up as much money as possible. 

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Top 4 money counting piggy banks for Canadians

Now let’s take a look at the best 4 money counting piggy banks you can buy on This overview will give you an idea of the top features and benefits. When you find one you like, click on the link or the image to navigate to the product listing page.  

1. Fishboy ATM Savings Bank

The Fishboy ATM Savings Bank is the bestselling money counting piggy bank with the Amazon’s choice award. As the name suggests, it’s in the form of an ATM machine and comes in several colours, including silver/black, silver/pink, and silver/red. 

Furthermore, a 4-digit PIN code is required to access your savings, which is a good security feature to prevent unwanted access. Also, you can deposit coins and paper bills, providing the flexibility required to store all types of Canadian money. 

The product comes with a realistic debit card that lights up the LCD screen and creates a voice prompt when entered. However, if you lose the provided debit card, you can use any other one as a replacement. 

This Canadian money counting piggy bank is designed for kids, but can also be used by adults. It has an overall rating of 4.3 based on over 2K reviews, which indicates excellent quality. 

2. Blingbin Money Saving Jar

The Blingbin Money Saving Jar is a plastic see-through piggy bank with an LCD screen that counts the CAD you put inside. The storage volume is 1.8L, allowing you to store many coins before it fills up. It’s estimated that you can store around 850 Canadian coins until the jar is full. 

You can watch your savings grow, giving you a sense of progress and accomplishment. Plus, the LCD screen is an accurate way of keeping track of the exact amount of money saved. You will need 3xAAA batteries to power the screen, but they are not included in the product. 

The money counting jar is fairly priced at around $20, and it has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5. It’s suitable for kids and adults alike, and a suitable product to give as a gift. 

3. Hicocool Stainless Steel Money Bank

Do you find it difficult to let your piggy bank fill up before taking money out? Then say hello to the Hicocool Stainless Steel Money Bank. This product provides a design that will help you keep your hands out of your piggy bank. The stainless steel cube is hard to open up. In fact, you’ll need a hammer and crowbar to get the job done.

This one is designed for adults and holds between 700 and 1,500 banknotes, depending on the size you choose. Also, you can insert coins and the smaller version can hold up to 4,000. It’s one of the bigger Canadian money counting piggy banks on the market, which is ideal for long-term saving. 

This product makes for an ideal gift, especially for those who are looking for an alternative to bank savings accounts. It’s also fairly priced at around $30 to $40. 

4. Honeystar ATM Piggy Bank

The Honeystar ATM Piggy Bank is designed for kids and can be used to help teach kids about saving money. Also, the product accepts various coins, including Canadian Dollars, Euros, and American Dollars. 

There are 3 colours to choose from: gold, silver, and black. Also, the piggy bank is made entirely from plastic and has a password keyboard for safekeeping. Priced at around $30, it makes for a good present for kids. Also, it’s rated 4.4 out of 5 based on over 300 reviews. 

Final Thoughts

The Canadian money counting piggy banks on our list provide a good amount of variety to choose from. You can select the adult-orientated stainless steel cube, or an ATM-theme piggy bank for kids. 

These piggy banks automatically count money, allowing you to keep track of the exact amount of Canadian dollars you've stashed away. This includes coins and notes, but the holding capacity varies depending on the piggy bank you buy.

Keep in mind, you won't earn interest on the money in your piggy bank. If you want your money to grow faster, compare savings accounts to find the best one for your goals. Or kick your savings into gear with one of the best high-interest savings accounts in Canada.

FAQs about money counting piggy banks

How much is a piggy bank in Canada?

Piggy banks in Canada range from $20-$40 on the marketplace. This is a competitive price that provides value for money. You’ll find many competitors selling at this price, which means you can expect similar deals whenever you read this page.

Where do piggy banks come from?

Piggy banks originated from dropping change in a clay jar to save money. These were referred to as “pygg” bank or pot. This idea originated over 600 years ago in the 15th century

Why was the pig chosen as the symbol of saving money? It’s because pigs represent good fortune in countries like the Netherlands and Germany. Also, it’s a New Year’s tradition to exchange “Lucky Pigs” made from porcelain, wood, chocolate, or marzipan.

Are all piggy banks meant to be broken?

No, not all piggy banks are meant to be broken – it depends on the design. Typically, plastic ones you can buy on are not meant to be broken since that would be wasteful. Also, it would be expensive, since you’d need to buy a new piggy bank whenever you want to start saving again.

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