Free stuff on your birthday? YES PLEASE! If you want a super amazing birthday this year, a number of Canadian retailers can make it happen. Tons of businesses offer birthday freebies in the form of goodies, discount codes, and special packages to celebrate your special day. Here are the 56 best places to get free stuff on your birthday:

#1 Clinique

Available: Throughout the country

Become a Clinique Smart Rewards member and receive free birthday gifts. Membership is free, but you need to spend at least $45 in order to receive a birthday freebie. During your birthday month, you’ll see the option to apply a special ‘discount code’. Check your email for the code, enter it, and wait for the arrival of your free birthday gift.

#2 Wok of Fame

Available: Brampton, Ontario

Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Wok of Fame can be a great place to enjoy your birthday because it offers a ‘free buffet’ perk. The offer is only available on your birthday and you must provide a valid ID. Prior reservation is recommended. Moreover, you must bring three full-paying guests to qualify.

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#3 Red Robin

Available: British Columbia

Join the Red Robin Royalty program and enjoy a free burger. You can choose any fire-grilled burger during your birthday month. The program is free to join and comes with additional benefits including military rewards and teacher rewards.

#4 Gong Cha

Available: Throughout the country

Celebrate your birthday at Gong Cha and enjoy a free bubble tea drink. You have to join the Gong Cha Rewards program to qualify and it's free to sign up. Once you're a member, you'll have access to other discounts as well. Make sure to correctly enter your phone number and birthday when signing up and you will receive a text message with the special offer a few days before your birthday.

#5 MAC Cosmetics

Available: Throughout the country

MAC Cosmetics is one of the largest make-up brands offering free stuff on your birthday. You must join the MAC Select loyalty program to be eligible to earn double the points on a purchase anytime during your birth month. However, just being a member is not enough to qualify for a birthday freebie.

You must climb the loyalty ladder and reach the second tier or higher, which requires you to spend at least $150 before you qualify for any birthday freebies. You can earn and redeem points online or in-store and request your free gifts during your birthday month. 

#6 Free Stuff on Your Birthday at Denny’s

Available: Throughout the country

dannys free

Want to eat free stuff on your birthday? Head to Denny’s and enjoy a free Original Grand Slam meal. It consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, and pancakes. You must, however, join the restaurant’s loyalty program to qualify.

#7 Archery Circuit

Available: Toronto, Ontario

Head to Archery Circuit in Toronto if you’re looking to do free stuff on your birthday. The place offers fun activities for kids and grownups. You get one free entry during your birthday week without having to pay. However, prior reservation is required.

#8 What A Bagel

Available: Toronto, Ontario

What a Bagel has a special Buy 6 Get 6 Free deal at all 11 locations in Toronto. The offer is only applicable on your birthday and you must show a valid ID to get your bagel.

#9 American Eagle

Available: Throughout the country

Join AE Real Rewards Program and receive a discount coupon of at least 15% off on your birthday. If you spend more than $350 per year, you'll get a bigger birthday discount of up to 25% off. The program is free to join and comes with additional perks including free shipping and a $5 sign-up bonus. Bonus: when the novelty wears off, brand-name clothes sell well on sites like Poshmark.

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#10 Gamestop

Available: Throughout the country

Join the EDGE Program benefits to enjoy special birthday discounts. There are different tiers offering up to 50% off a second purchase. The lowest tier offers only 20% off. The discount code can only be used during your birthday week. Other perks include a welcome coupon up to $15 off, and a chance to take part in special contests.

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#11 Tarte Cosmetics

Available: Throughout the country

All Tarte Rewards members qualify for a birthday freebie that can be claimed anytime during their birthday month. Gifts can be in the form of freebies or discount codes. The company will email a promo code during your birthday month that you can use within a limited time period. Those who do not receive a discount code can get in touch with the company for help. 

#12 Boston Pizza

Available: Throughout the country

Boston pizza gift

Boston Pizza offers a variety of discounts. Join the MyBP Club to enjoy a full serving of dessert on your birthday for free. You don’t even have to make a purchase to enjoy free stuff on your birthday with Boston Pizza. In addition, you will get free Bandera Bread just for being a member. Other discounts include a two-topping individual pizza on your first MyBP Anniversary.

#13 Nike

Available: Throughout the country

Nike doesn’t offer free products but you can win special birthday discounts as a Nike Canada Member. Codes are sent via email and can be used for online shopping. However, most come with a short expiry. So don't drag your feet – just do it!

#14 IHOP

Available: Multiple locations in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and British Columbia

You can win free stuff on your birthday as a Pancake Revolution e-Club member. The restaurant offers free birthday pancakes to all members. However, you need to provide a valid ID to get them. Other membership perks include secret menu offerings and access to PanCoin; IHOP's crypto-pancake that can be traded for real pancakes.

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#15 Red Lobster

Available: Throughout the country

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Join the Red Lobster rewards program to receive your birthday freebie! There are three membership tiers, but the lowest one (Red) doesn't come with a birthday gift. Fortunately, you don't need to make purchases to move to the next level. Complete your profile and you will move to the Gold plan that comes with a free birthday gift and other perks including bonus points and special rewards. The official site doesn’t provide more details on the surprise. However, according to sources, you will receive a discount code.

#16 South St. Burger

Available: Multiple locations in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta

South St. Burger

Join the South St. Burger Birthday Club and get free stuff on your birthday in the form of a Buy One, Get One FREE Burger coupon. It is free to join and you must sign up at least one day before your birthday to qualify. 

#17 Wacky’s

Available: Multiple locations in Ontario

Wacky’s offering a $10 play card for your birthday and a chance to win free wings for 12 months. In addition, you will get free wings just for signing up.

#18 Urban Decay

Available: Throughout the country

Sign up for the UD Beauty Junkies program and win free stuff on your birthday. There are multiple tiers and they all come with a birthday freebie. The company doesn’t provide information on what the gift could be. However, expect a free sample. You will receive an email with details on how to claim your birthday gift. Moreover, you’ll have to make a purchase in order to receive your gift.

#19 Mandarin Chinese Buffet

Available: Multiple locations in Ontario

Join the Mandarin Dish newsletter and receive a free birthday gift in the form of an e-coupon that can be used to enjoy a delicious birthday buffet. You must join at least one day before your birthday to qualify and it can be used up to one week before to one week after your birthday. Also, you'll need 3 or more paying adults to be eligible for the offer.

#20 Applebee’s

Available: Throughout the country

Sign up for Applebee’s email club and you could win a free birthday gift. The company doesn’t promote birthday freebies on their site. However, you will receive an email on how to claim it.

#21 Thrifty Foods Free Cake

Available: Multiple locations in British Columbia

Thrifty Foods in British Columbia has a special Bayb's First is Free offer. You can get a free 8″ x 12″ cake to celebrate your child's first birthday. The cake is available in three colours and must be requested at least 24 hours before pickup. Visit the store or call the bakery to book your free cake. You will, however, need to show the child's birth certificate upon pickup.

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#22 Harvey’s

Available In: Throughout the country except British Columbia, Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories

harveys free fries

Join the Burger Boss Club and earn a free gift on your birthday. It’s usually in the form of a free burger but you may also win other rewards including special discount codes.

Bonus: Sign up for Scene+ to earn points at Harvey's and other retailers, then redeem them for pretty much whatever you want.

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#23 Sephora

Available In: Throughout the country

Sephora has an exciting birthday offer. Become a Beauty Insider member and get a birthday freebie. The program is free to join and comes with some additional perks. You can win a mini set from some of the top Sephora brands. The company keeps changing the brands up for grabs and is currently offering Laura Mercier, Amika, and Tatcha.

For a limited time, it is also offering 250 bonus points that can be used to make purchases in the Rewards Bazaar. Head to Sephora or shop online during your birthday month to claim free stuff on your birthday.

Bonus: Shop Sephora through Rakuten, Canada's leading cash back app, to earn money on your purchases. Get up to an additional 20% back from Rakuten when you shop with them through your Scene + account.

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#24 Lone Star Texas Grill

Available: Multiple locations in Ontario

Sign up for The Sizzle and get special discounts including a free dessert to celebrate your birthday. You must spend at least $30 to be eligible for this offer.

#25 London Drugs

Available: Multiple stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

London Drugs has a special birthday surprise in the form of a free $5 off coupon. You have to be a member to enjoy free stuff on your birthday. However, being a regular customer comes with additional benefits including free gift wrapping and $5 off with every 10 visits.

#26 The Alley

Available: Multiple stores in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia

Fans of bubble tea can enjoy a free sip on their birthday. The Alley doesn’t actively promote the offer and you will need to download and join the app to be eligible for birthday freebies.  

#27 Baskin Robbins

Available: Throughout the country

baskin robin scoop

Celebrate your birthday with a free scoop from Baskin Robbins. Sign up for BR’s Club 31 program to be a part of the promotion. You must buy a 3 oz soft serve cone or 2.5 oz scoop to enjoy your free scoop. In addition, you can get $5 off the bill if you buy a cake to feed a group.

#28 Dairy Queen (DQ)

Available: Throughout the country

Join DQ’s Blizzard Fan Club and get free stuff on your birthday. The restaurant has a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ birthday offer that applies to all sizes.

#29 The Body Shop

Available: Throughout the country 

Become a Love Your Body Club member to win free gifts on your birthday. The store usually offers discount codes including up to $10 off. However, some members may also win birthday freebies. You will have the entire birthday month to redeem the offer and it can be combined with other discounts as well. Plus, it works both online and in-store.

#30 Coldstone Creamery

Available: Throughout the country except for Newfoundland and Labrador

Join My Cold Stone Club Rewards program and enjoy Coldstone Creamery’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer. A special code will be added to your account that can be used on your birthday. In addition, you’ll get 1 point for every $10 you spend that can be redeemed when you hit the minimum threshold of 50 points.

#31 Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Available: Throughout the country 

Join “Grill Lover’s Club” and enjoy a free dessert on your birthday. In addition, you will also get 10% off on all purchases during your birthday month when you spend at least $30.

#32 Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt

Available: Throughout the country 

Sign up for “My Smileage Rewards Program” and enjoy $5 worth of free frozen yogurt on your birthday. The offer is available 15 days before or after your special day.

#33 Starbucks

Available: Throughout the country 

With Starbucks, you can get a free drink or food item of your choice to celebrate your birthday, but conditions apply. You must have been a member of the Starbucks Rewards Program for at least 30 days to be eligible for the offer and it can only be redeemed on your actual birthday.

Bonus: Link an eligible TD credit card to your Starbucks account to earn bonus TD points and up to 50% more Starbucks Reward Stars per purchase.

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#34 Arby’s

Available: Multiple locations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

Arby’s has a birthday offer that they don’t very actively promote. Sign up for the newsletter and you will receive more details on how to enjoy birthday freebies. Most people receive a cookie coupon or a free snack shack. You will, however, have to make a separate purchase to enjoy your free gift.

#35 Marble Slab Creamery

Available: Throughout the country 

Enjoy your special day with Marble Slab Creamery. Sign up for the newsletter and win a free scoop on your birthday.

#36 Old Navy

Available: Throughout the country except for Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories

Join the Navyist Rewards program to get special perks like up to 500 bonus points on your birthday. You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend and points can be redeemed for discounts and free merchandise. Sign up now and opt-in for emails to get 250 bonus points.

Bonus: Shop Old Navy through Rakuten to earn cash back. Even better, sign up to Scene+ and use their Rakuten portal through your Scene+ account to earn up to an additional 20% cash back in Scene+ points. Get a Scotiabank credit card to earn even more points.

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#37 Kiehl’s

Available: Throughout the country 

Kiehl’s rewards customers every year by offering free birthday gifts. Join its Rewards Loyalty Program to receive your birthday freebie. The store has shut many of its physical branches, yet you can get your free gift when you shop online. Depending on your rewards tier, you could get up to 4 deluxe samples worth over $24.

#38 Chatime

Available: Multiple locations in Ontario

Chatime has an incredible rewards program. Sign up and receive a free birthday drink to enjoy on your special day. It will automatically load to your card 7 days before your birthday.

#39 Aveda

Available: Throughout the country 

aveda rewards

Join the Aveda Plus Rewards Program and enjoy birthday freebies from Aveda. In addition, you will win more points on your birthday. Points can be redeemed online or in physical stores.

#40 Olive Garden 

Available: Western Canada

Indulge in a sweet birthday treat at Olive Garden! You’ll get a free dessert when you dine in on your big day. If you want even more fabulous offers like exclusive discounts and coupons, create an account and join their eClub. Make sure to share your birthday and address so don’t miss out on savings. 

#41 Cora’s

Available: Throughout the country

Calling all breakfast lovers! Embrace the mouthwatering world of Cora Enthusiasts to start earning points and special perks. You’ll get 3 times the points on your purchase when you nom with them on your birthday. Swing by any Cora restaurant to snag your loyalty card and make sure to complete your profile within 30 business days of your birthday to bask in those yummy bonus points. 

#42 David’s Tea 

Available: Throughout the country

Steep yourself exclusive rewards and points towards free tea when you join the Frequent Steeper loyalty program. You’ll brew up 5 bonus points on your big day, plus get access to other insiders-only exclusives. Every dollar you spend earns you 1 point, which you can redeem for free tea. 

#43 Jungle Jim’s

Available: Atlantic Canada

This is one of my favourite places for delicious pub food in the Maritimes. Join the Jungle Club to get $15 Jungle Buck towards your birthday meal. Plus, you get a free Chimi Cheesecake just for signing up. 

#44 The Keg

Available: Throughout the country

Claim your steak to a birthday surprise by joining The Keg Newsletter and sharing your birth date upon signing up. You’ll be eligible for a special birthday freebie when you dine in at a participating location and be the first to know about special promotions, exclusive events, and more. The website doesn’t actually promise a birthday freebie because locations are franchised and complimentary items are at the discretion of the manager. 

#45 Tim Horton’s 

Available: Throughout the country

You’re in for a bit of a surprise with Tim’s Rewards. When you join, you’ll get a surprise offer on your birthday. Other perks include skipping the line to get your order faster, access to exclusive deals, and earning points towards free treats. 

#46 La Senza

Available: Throughout the country and online

Indulge in a sexy birthday gift by joining the Club La Senza loyalty program. Not only will you get an exclusive offer on your special day, but you’ll also enjoy 10% off purchases, free shipping on orders over $40, and other special offers. 

#47 The Gap

Available: Throughout the country and online

Let them eat cake, in style! Gap Rewards members get a special offer on their birthday. Join now and opt-in for emails to get 250 bonus points. You’ll earn 1 point per $1 and can redeem them towards free merchandise. Other perks include earning and redeeming points at Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta, free shipping on eligible orders, and exclusive members-only deals. 

#48 Build a Bear

Available: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia

Build a birthday they’ll never forget! Save big when your child visits a Build-a-Bear anytime during their birthday month. To “Pay Their Age”, ask for the “Count Your Candles” offer available exclusively in-store to Club Members. The age they’re turning is the amount you’ll pay to build a special Birthday Treat Bear. 

#49 Hudson’s Bay

Available: Throughout the country and online

Shout Happy BirthBay with Canada’s favourite brand! To get $10 off a $50+ purchase at The Bay, you’ll need to become an email subscriber and share your birth date upon signup. On your birthday, you’ll get a special email with your exclusive birthday code to use on your next purchase.  

#50 Anthropologie

Available: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and online

Birthday freebies are always on trend at Anthropologie. Sign up for the AnthroPerks loyalty program to get 20% off in your birthday month. You’ll also get exclusive access to members-only deals, free shipping on eligible orders, early access to new arrivals, and more. 

#51 Swiss Chalet 

Available: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and online

Celebrate at The Swiss to get a sweet birthday freebie. In order to score your free dessert, you need to sign up for Rotisserie Mail. Some locations even let kids 10 and under eat for free on their birthday! Call your local restaurant to confirm if they offer this deal for kids. 

#52 Value Village 

Available: Across the country and online

Bargain hunters rejoice! You can snag 20% off a purchase of up to $50 at Value Village. Join the Super Savers Club and make sure you enter a valid email address and your birth date. Then Value Village will deliver a special birthday coupon to your inbox in time for your big day. 

#53 Lancome

Available: Across the country and online

Pamper your wallet with a birthday freebie Lancome Paris. Sign up for My Lancome Rewards to get a free gift on your birthday each year. Plus, you’ll also get a free gift each month with a purchase of at least $85. 

#54 The Shoe Company

Available: Across the country and online

Kick off the party with a stylish new pair of shoes. The Shoe Company will give you 20% off a purchase made within 30 days of your birthday. Join their Shoe VIP loyalty program to treat your feet with a birthday freebie.

#55 Gift For Your Pet

Available: Across the country and online

Want to make your pet feel special this birthday? PetSmart has an impressive birthday offer. Join PetSmart PetPerks and register your dog or cat’s birthday. Your pet will receive a birthday greeting card a few days before their special day with a coupon for a free treat or toy. The store delivers throughout the country.

#56 Gift for Your Kid

Available: Across the country

Landmark Cinema has a splendid birthday offer. Celebrate your child's birthday at the cinema and receive one free admission for them. Other perks include free reserved seating and free order and pick-up for express concessions. However, there should be a minimum of 6 children under 12 years old to book the offer. The chain has locations in most Canadian provinces.

Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

These were some of the best Canadian brands offering free birthday gifts. Most offers are easy to redeem but we suggest that you keep these tips in mind to make it hassle-free to get free stuff on your birthday:

  • In most cases, you will need a valid ID to get free stuff on your birthday. 
  • Do not skip the birthday section when signing up for a newsletter or rewards program. Not all companies openly advertise birthday goodies. 
  • Companies will often send special discounts and promo codes via email that may end up in your spam folder so make sure to keep an eye on it, especially during your birthday month.
  • You will often have to make a purchase in order to redeem your free gift so get ready to spend some cash.
  • Some offers can only be redeemed on your actual birthday, some the entire week, and some the whole month. Read the fine print so that you don’t miss out on your free birthday gift.

FAQs about birthday freebies in Canada

How can I get free stuff on my birthday?

To score fabulous birthday freebies, sign up for loyalty programs and email lists of your favourite retailers, stores, and restaurants. Many establishments celebrate their loyal customers with special birthday promotions, discounts, and free offers.

Where can I find free stuff on my birthday?

Countless retailers and restaurants in Canada offer exciting birthday freebies from free dessert to extra points and deep discounts. Keep an eye out for popular establishments like Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Sephora, Old Navy and more, which are known to provide complimentary treats or discounts on your special day. And don’t forget your local gems! Small local businesses may have their own birthday offers too!

Does McDonald's offer free stuff on your birthday?

Unfortunately, McDonald's does not currently provide specific birthday freebies. However, rumour has it that kids can get a free Happy Meal on their birthday if a parent is a member of the MyMcDonald's Rewards program. But this is not disclosed on their website or in the program’s terms and conditions. You’ll need to call and confirm with your local McDonald’s franchise. 

Does Starbucks give free stuff on your birthday?

You betcha! Starbucks lovers get a tasty birthday freebie to sweeten the day. Simply join the Starbucks Rewards program, and you'll receive a complimentary drink or food item of your choice to celebrate your special day. Just make sure to tell your barista you want to redeem your birthday reward so they don’t use your Stars balance!

Which apps provide free stuff on your birthday?

Several mobile apps offer birthday perks and rewards. Apps like Sephora Beauty Insider, Starbucks Rewards, and the Dairy Queen app are known for granting special birthday treats to their users. Be sure to explore the apps of your favourite retailers and restaurants to discover any exclusive birthday perks they may have.

Where can I enjoy a free meal on my birthday?

Many restaurants in Canada are generous enough to treat you to a free meal on your birthday. Some popular places include Montana’s, Denny's, IHOP, Red Robin, and more which offer complimentary meals, desserts or significant discounts. It's always a good idea to check with your local restaurants for any specific birthday promotions they may have.

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